Product Update | 2017-01-16 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  2017-01-16 | Cirrus Assessment

This was an intermediate release with some bug fixes and some bespoke features for our Enterprise customers.

Small changes / fixes / know issues

  • Chance score for percentage pass: Saving/using overrided assessment options in delivery.
  • BE/FE: Refresh "Percentage for Pass mark" field-title (with adjusted pass value)
  • Candidate result report: Should be possible to search candidates by a username
  • Profit and loss question type: missing score for "Eigen vermogen"
  • ResultBudget question type: changing the label in the last row is not available in dropdown
  • Assessments > Introduction Tab] [Ms Edge, IE11, FireFox] Problems with drag n drop when adding pages.
  • Admin > Content management: "Content management” tab not highlighted.
  • [IE11] Possible to answer questions when time of section has expired
  • Pager is broken when having content for several pages
  • Possible to change answer using keyboard after submitting an answer for questions with feedback option turned on
  • Delivery: pop up showing assessment introduction: passing score is showed wrong decimal

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