Reports in Cirrus: Assessment performance - evaluate your assessments and their questions

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Reports in Cirrus: Assessment performance

So your candidates have taken their assessment and their attempts have been scored automatically or by a marker. As soon as these results are published, Cirrus offers several reports on the results. The Assessment Performance report offers the opportunity to review the overall psychometrics for each of your assessments. Using this you can evaluate your assessments and how well the questions in them perform.

Reports > Assessment performance

This report shows statistical information for each of your schedules (delivered sessions). These are less useful if you schedule per candidate, for example when using the ProctorU integration. The ‘Assessment performance’ report allows you to:

  • Search for assessments in Assessment performance list [A]
  • See an high-level overview on your assessments
    • Last sat, pass rate, Reliability, Times Delivered and Number of Items in the assessment
  • Drill down the results shown to any specific assessment: simply click on an assessment title to view more detailed assessment statistics [B]
  • Export these data [C]


When you click on the assessment title you will see more detailed information:2017-04-10_1431-Reports-assessment-performance-details.png

  • Average Chance score for the assessment
  • Average Rir value
  • Average Rit value
  • Reliability for the assessment
  • Average Pc-Value (corrected P value)
  • Average P-value (difficulty)


Clicking once more on the assessment title will lead you to a list of the items in your assessment and their statistics at item level measured for the assessment:

2017-04-10_1432-Reports-assessment-performance-details-items.pngPlease note: this Report is in bèta - Feel free to send your thoughts and suggestions to

When will the results show up in Assessment Performance reports?

Results show up in Reports as follows (this does *not* mean the candidate will see them):

  • Reports>Assessment Performance - at the very end of the schedule
  • Reports>Candidate Results>Schedules - at the very end of the schedule
  • Reports>Candidate Results> Candidates - immediately for auto-scored / on submission for human marked results

Please note: Reports > Candidate Results > Candidates shows the results of submitted attempts of candidates in case of autoscoring, published results for manually marked (Essay) question. If a candidate has multiple attempts for an assessment the author of the assessment can select which attempt counts. This has the following repercussions for the report:

  • Multiple attempts, last attempt counts > the results in the report will be overwritten each time they are published.
  • Multiple attempts, best attempt counts > with every new attempt the report will show the best attempt, it will only be overwritten if the results are better than for previous attempts.

Access to Assessment Performance reports

In order to be able to view Assessment Performance reports your Admin needs to have set this up for you. This is a role-based setting - access is not differentiated like the Results reports but is all-or-nothing access.

  • Go to Admin > Roles > Reports  > Assessment Performance 
  • For the applicable role select access by checking the box:


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