Product Update | 2017-08-18 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  2017-08-18 | Cirrus Assessment

Announcing a new release with high impact: amongst other great features your candidates will have new and improved dashboard at their disposal following this release. Changes include:

The release is planned for Friday August 18th at 7am CEST (check your local time here). Expected downtime is about 30 minutes.

Introducing the 'Candidate Dashboard' [NEW]

This release will introduce the first version of the new personalised 'Candidate Dashboard': from just picking an assessment to start they each candidate will be able to:

  • See all upcoming scheduled assessments
  • See completed assessments
  • View results and feedback (Score Reports for example) as defined by your authors.

[impression of the Candidate Dashboard]


Read more about how your candidate will experience the assessment (and the screens involved) in our article ’Delivery: the Candidate View'.

Improvements to Marking/Moderation [IMPROVED]

Following your feedback we will add several improvements for assessors and moderators:

  • Moderators will gain the ability to bulk accept scores set by assessors.

[In the works for a later release]

  • Adding the ability to "select all": you will be able to select all candidates over multiple pages [pending]
  • Creating a better distinction between scores given by assessors and moderators [pending]
  • You will be able to sort the scores highest to lowest or the other way around. [pending]

    [impression of the ability to bulk moderate multiple candidates]


Read more about 'Marking: multiple markers and the moderation of scores'. 

Polytomous scoring for Multiple Response and Fill in the Blank

We have started our project to add polytomous scoring for all question types. Polytomous scoring enables you to give partial scores for a question. This release will add this option to Multiple Response (MR) and Fill In the Blank (FITB) questions. Also see our article on 'Library: the different Item types'.

Small changes / fixes / know issues

  1. [Search] Enabled search on special character (examples ë, ü, é etc.)
  2. [Search] Enable search on multiple words (for example search on user “John Snow”).
  3. [Invigilation] Added warning when printing new credentials as this resets candidates password
  4. [Reports > Score Report] fixed showing of correct score for Essay Questions in Learning Objectives breakdown
  5. [Delivery > Candidate Delivery] Extra annotations from candidates should be retained. (CR-4691)
  6. [Delivery > IE11] Some users cannot schedule assessments (CR-4740)
  7. [Delivery > Sections] Audio/video files should not be reloaded when moving to next question in section.
  8. [Import > Import users using Excel] Fixed generation of password when left blank in Excel
  9. [Import > Importing Questions using Excel] Fixed short answer imported without correct answers
  10. [Import > Importing Questions using Excel] added ability to set status [link]
  11. [Library > Create Items] New items by default get the status Draft
  12. [Library > Section page]: Sections that have been used need to be editable like other items
  13. [Assessments] It should be possible to filter by status on Question selection tab and in Form
  14. [Assessment > Options > Score Report] Show learning objectives is saved but checkbox not updated
  15. [Delivering > Invigilation tab] PIN code should be shown when printing new login credentials
  16. [Delivering] It should not be possible to copy schedule that uses archived assessment
  17. [Marking > Moderation] [Edge, IE] Text should not been copied
  18. [(Extended) Match] Not able to match options in extended match

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Best Regards,

The Cirrus Assessment Team


[1] Regarding our release announcements: 

Please note that items listed in an announcement for a release can be subject to change. We are working very hard to get all this great stuff out to you. However, each item goes through our rigorous manual and automated testing and needs to get a final 'green light' to be included. Our announcements serve to give you a heads up. Upon request we also offer the opportunity for you to do your own pre-testing for high-impact releases. 

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