Product Update | 2017-03-11 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  2017-03-11 | Cirrus Assessment

This is a low impact release but with high usability gain, planned on March 11th 7am CEST. Changes include:

Changed: schedules now require a hierarchy added for better marking coordination and reporting

Starting from this release schedules will have a mandatory field under options to connect them to a hierarchy level. Only one hierarchy level (aka group) can be connected to a schedule. This allows for:

More fine-grained Marking coordination

By connecting a hierarchy to a schedule you control who is able to coordinate the marking for that schedule. In other words, if you select Yes in the Coordinator column to a certain hierarchy, you are able to coordinate all the schedules connected to that hierarchy.

Better information under Reports and Scheduling

If for example your hierarchy level equals one of your delivery centres, you can now export results under Reports and see of filter what centre they belong to.

Migration of your existing schedules

For existing schedules we are connecting them to the root level in your hierarchy. This can be changed at any time should you need it for Marking Coordination.

For schedules setup via the API

If you want to set hierarchy to the schedule via the API you need to use parameters: ScheduleGroupExtId ,ScheduleGroupName. These are not mandatory, if you do not set parameters the system will use root hierarchy to be connected to your schedule.

Scheduling: now possible to add candidates at any time!

We've enabled you to to add candidates to schedules at any time.

  • Add test takers without de-activating the schedule
  • Add candidates even when the exam window has started
  • Add to an ongoing exam schedule even when other candidates have started taking the test.


Small changes / fixes / know issues

  • Filtering: When selecting a filter on left panel the api calls double
  • Assessments: Options tab has gotten a two column layout and better descriptions
  • Scheduling: options tab makes better use of space available on page.

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