Product Update |  2017-10-27 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  2017-10-27 | Cirrus Assessment

Announcing a medium impact release, with important changes in Marking however:

The release is planned for Friday October 27th at 7am CEST (check your local time here). There will be approximately 60 minutes of possible service interruption due to migrations involved.

Marking: changing the way you can publish results [NEW]

Last release saw introduction of better on-screen notification showing how much you or your colleagues still need to mark. This release will change how you can publish results: it no longer needs only be the assessor. Proudly introducing a separate 'Results-tab':

  • The 'Results-tab' will have permission-based access: you define who can see which results
  • The coordinator can add people to publish the results to each schedule
  • This means the publisher can be different from people assessing!


The assessment author (or the scheduler if permitted by your author) sets in what way results are released to candidates:

  • Manual publication of results - when whoever is setup for this decides to publish
  • Automatic publication of results: after every attempt or after the last attempt

Read more about 'Marking: How to mark assessments in Cirrus', 'Marking: Scoring and submitting scores' and 'Marking: Publishing Results'.

Support for showing large images [NEW]

Currently images are scaled down ensure uniform delivery to candidates. With this release we will introduce support for using large images to go with your question texts. The candidates can click it to enlarge it during the exam:

  • Enlarged images are overlaid and can be moved - so the candidate can read the question for example
  • The image is shown at a set position in the question, when enlarged they are still scaled in order to make assessments pixel-perfect and presentation consistent:



Changes / fixes / known issues

  1. [Marking > Assess] Cursor should be in the score field when marking manual questions
  2. [Marking > Coordinator > Allocation] Assessors should be distributed evenly
  3. [Library > Collection > Numeric question] It should be possible to set 0 as answer
  4. [Library > Collection] Warning should be shown when editing alternatives and not saving 
  5. [Library > Sowiso] Multiple attempts in preview of Maths questions added
  6. [Library > Collection > Items] Adding LO performance improved
  7. [Delivery > Dashboard > Upcoming] Duration is shown incorrectly as unlimited
  8. [Integrations > API] Getting results of the candidate who did not start fixed
  9. [Integrations > API] As an SYSTEM USER I would like to pull the subject mastery level from Cirrus through the API
  10. [Score report generation] Notification should not be shown only for assessments with auto-scored questions
  11. [Admin > LO] Importing file with incorrect values: fixed performance issue
  12. [Admin > LO] Added better notification when importing incorrect file with LO
  13. [Admin > Users] Admin is unable to open certain pages in IE
  14. [Admin > Assessment scales] It is now possible to type in percentages directly
  15. [Admin > lock-down] As an admin I want to set a SEB- or STEP key for my environment

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The Cirrus Assessment Team


[1] Regarding our release announcements: 

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