Product Update |  2017-12-01 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  2017-12-01 | Cirrus Assessment

Announcing a high impact release, with important changes in Marking and a lot of improvements:

This release will be available on your beta environment from Friday November 24th.
Re-scoring is a powerful tool, feel free to check it out or request a webinar.

The release itself is planned for Friday December 1st at 7am CET (check your local time here). There will be approximately 60 minutes of possible service interruption due to migrations involved.

Marking: introducing re-scoring [NEW]

With this release we will introduce our first version of Rescoring at the schedule level: if a mistake is discovered in one of your questions after candidates have been (auto)marked you can go in and change the score awarded for the whole group. You will be able to:

  • Authorise users to have access to rescoring for specific groups (hierarchies)
  • Award 'Full Score' for questions
  • Remove questions from Scoring 
  • Change the correct answer for Multiple Choice, Multiple Response and Either/Or questions
  • Rescoring can be done per schedule after submission or publication of all results

Proudly introducing a separate 'Rescoring-tab' which leads to rescoring for a schedule:


Read more about:  about 'Marking: rescoring - adjusting scored results'.

Browser check for candidates [NEW]

By logging in candidates now automatically get a browser check on the start screen of their assessment: After clicking on 'Start test' on the dashboard, the system runs a quick test of the setup of the candidate to check if the system is able to run the exam. If not a warning will display.

In combination with setting up sample exams this is a powerful tool to help your candidates and prevent unwanted surprises.

Marking: Improved insight on marking status for coordinators, assessors and moderators

  • More statuses in the Coordinator overview to show which part of the Marking process is up
  • More information upon mouseover: counters showing the amount of work still to be done:


Integrations update

Several improvements were made for setting up and managing users and schedules using our integrations. Thanks for your feedback on this, we are looking forward to continue working together. See below for more details or check our documentation.

Changes / fixes / known issues

We've made a ton of improvements, take a look:

Sowiso / Maths question improvements:

Various improvements to the Sowiso item type have been made available via a hot-fix release:

  • [Sowiso] Add Solutions text to feedback for candidate / in report
  • [Library > Collections > Sowiso] Remove Save buttons on the right hand side
  • [Sowiso]”<“ show as tag
  • [Sowiso] If the question text has the values "#x = $f#" that are not defined, the text appears with no spaces in the preview (fixed
  • [Sowiso - Positive/Negative feedback] Fixed option to add media files
  • [Sowiso] Show images correctly in Sowiso questions

 Improvements and fixes: 

  1. [Library] We will add our standard search box to search in Collections
  2. [Score reports] Score reports are now based on points score, not questions answered
  3. [Library] Added polytomous scoring for Order question type
  4. [Author > Dashboard] Incorrect number of assessments are shown
  5. [General] As a User I should be logged out when going back to the login page
  6. [General] Reset password mail for candidates should show link to /delivery
  7. [Feedback] If author sets Feedback = On Alternatives or On Questions then Solution(Final text) will be shown after submit and in the report for candidate and author.
  8. [Feedback] If author sets Feedback = No Feedback then Solution will be shown in the report only.
  9. [IMS LIS] improved performance /response times
  10. [IMS LIS] setting Cirrus UserId should be added
  11. [IMS LIS] SourceId has been made optional
  12. [IMS LTI] Make creating / amending users a setting (default is 'off')
  13. [IMS LTI] Matching/mapping of users should be done on username
  14. [Assessment > Share assessment] Improve search
  15. [Author preview] Fixed preview of Welcome and Finish page with video file
  16. [Learning Objectives] Fixed checkboxes inheriting down
  17. [Admin > Users > Import] Roles should be sorted alphabetically
  18. [Library > Collections > Share] Users should be sorted alphabetically on last name
  19. [Marking > Results tab] Notification should be shown
  20. [Library > Collections] When importing questions from another collection Learning Objective should be shown
  21. [UserInterface] Change colors of highlighted answers
  22. [Admin > Learning Objectives] Fixed select all
  23. [Delivering > Schedule] Checkbox Force delete should not be shown (hot-fixed)
  24. [Admin > Trash can] "Quarantine period left" is shown incorrectly for last hours before end

Known issues:

We are currently experiencing issues in processing statistics in general and issues withsome specific statistics. We are working very hard to fix this: a hot-fix was deployed and additional measure have been taken to speed up processing. After this we will continue to monitor situation and work on any remaining issues.

All our Release Notes

You can always find all our updates and release notes on our customer portal. These product updates aim to highlight our most relevant changes. Click 'follow' on our release notes page to always receives notice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can send us your thoughts and comments at

Best Regards,

The Cirrus Assessment Team


[1] Regarding our release announcements: 

Please note that items listed in an announcement for a release can be subject to change. We are working very hard to get all this great stuff out to you. However, each item goes through our rigorous manual and automated testing and needs to get a final 'green light' to be included. Our announcements serve to give you a heads up. Upon request we also offer the opportunity for you to do your own pre-testing for high-impact releases. 

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