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Granting extra time for candidates with particular needs

In Cirrus there are two ways to grant extra time to candidates with special needs (also sometimes referred to as ‘ability accommodations’ or 'particular needs'):

  • The assessment author determines the extra time allowed for candidates with special needs. Each user that is marked as such in his or her profile gets this extra time.
  • The invigilator of an exam add extra time manually after the candidate has started.

Extra time as defined in the assessment options:

You can define the extra time under Assessment > Options. This applies to candidates who have this checked in their user profile before the schedule starts. To enable this for a user go to Admin > Users >user's profile > check: 'special needs').

Extra time granted during the assessment by the Invigilator

In addition to the assessment setting an Invigilator (proctor) can also grant extra time to selecte candidates during the assessment.

Please note: if you schedule your candidates via an integration (like ProctorU) it can be best to schedule candidates with particular needs via a separately setup assessment stating the full length to ensure enough extra room in the total schedule window.

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