Admin: adding clusters and linking them to hierarchies

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Admin: adding Clusters and linking them to hierarchies

This article describes how to add Clusters and how to link them to hierarchies. Hierarchies and Clusters added to an assessment determine who can schedule what. Read more in our article "Hierarchies and Clusters: ensuring scheduling by and for the correct people".

Adding / Editing a Cluster

  • Navigate to Admin > Clusters


Admin > Clusters shows you a list of Cluster, including their Title, Description and Hierarchies associated with them.

  1. Click on the [+ add cluster] button to add a cluster (read more below).
  2. Click on the dropdown to select a hierarchy - via the dropdown you will see all clusters with this hierarchy
  3. Use the search box to search for you cluster
  4. Click on the Pencil to edit a Cluster
  5. The hierarchies column shows all hierarchies linked to that particular Cluster.

Adding (or editing) a Cluster works as follows:

  1. Add or Edit a Cluster > The Add / Edit cluster modal window will open.
  2. Give it a Title and short description 
  3. Select a hierarchy from the dropdown list and click the "+" button:
  4. The hierarchy is added:
  5. To be able to remove a hierarchy that's added you need at least two added hierarchies. When there are two you can use the 'bin' icon to remove one.
  6. Save the Cluster
  7. In the cluster overview the newly added cluster is shown correctly with hierarchies.

Removing clusters or hiding your clusters from Assessment Authors

Removing clusters can be done by checking the box in front of the cluster and hitting the 'Delete button'. Please note that only clusters that are not used can removed this way. Hiding them from your authors is very easy.



Hiding your clusters from Assessment Authors is very easy:

1) Create a hierarchy that will be linked to all clusters (or use an existing one)
2) No assessment authors should be a member of this hierarchy
3) Add this hierarchy to each cluster you want to hide from authors
4) Remove all other hierarchies from the cluster.

*Things to keep in mind:*
Clusters also affect who can schedule a review session!
Should old assessments still be schedule-able?
Tip: if you use a university wide / faculty wide hierarchy to add to each cluster you keep the option open to use this group to gain access to schedule 'old' assessments.
This will require some manual labour, but this does not warrant development of an archive function for Clusters at this point by Cirrus. If you really want to help develop it, contact us.

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