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Assessment versioning

Cirrus allows you to create different versions of your assessment. Benefits:

  • Existing schedules will always use the latest published version of an assessment - if publishing is done up to 20 minutes before the start of the schedule. (Recognisable by the green arrow and Published: Yes)
  • You can view the version history of an assessment including the statistics per version to see how they performed.
  • While editing an assessment this will be locked for editing. This means other authors will not be able to make conflicting changes.



All this functionality is available under the [...] button in the top right of your screen when working on an Assessment (if you've been granted this ability by your admin).

How to set up access to Versioning?

Who has access to Versioning of Assessments? This is set up by your Admin under Roles defined for Assessment management:

  • Go to Admin > Roles > Assessment
  • Check the boxes for Create new version and View history

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