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About the Cirrus Advanced Training


After completing the Cirrus Advanced Training course, participants will be proficient in the use of the Delivery (Scheduling / Invigilation) and Marking tools in the Cirrus Platform.

Target Audience

Cirrus Platform users (authors / teachers, staff) who have successfully completed the Introductory training course and have begun to create item(banks) and assessments using the Cirrus Platform within their organisation.


The Advanced Course focuses on the different options for Delivery. The training can focus either on Marking or on giving an overview of Delivery.

Overview / Approach

You’ve got your Items and Assessments ready, now it’s time to dive into one of the advanced modules. Training will be via hands-on exercises in your custom training or production environment and will include:

  • The sharing of experiences and best practices
  • How to deliver: Scheduling and Invigilating Marking your assessments.
  • Reflection: the development cycle of items and online assessments within your own organisation.

More information:

Duration: 180 minutes
Trainer: one of our experienced consultants
Group size: 4-10 people

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