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About the Cirrus Introductory Training


After completing the Cirrus Introductory Training course, participants will have a basic understanding of the way the Cirrus Platform can be used in the creation and delivery of questions and assessments. They will immediately be able to start creating Items and Assessments and be aware of other steps and roles involved in the assessment process.

Target Audience

New Cirrus Platform users (authors / teachers, staff) from your organisation. Those who work either directly in the system (as constructors, question authors, assessors or moderators) or indirectly (project managers, co-authors) and who have not previously used the system.


The Introductory Course will focus on gaining the basic knowledge and skills required to begin using the Cirrus Platform to create items and assessments.

Overview / Approach

An introduction to e-assessment using the Cirrus platform. This is followed by hands-on exercises using your custom training environment. During the training, the following topics will be covered:

  • Global overview of creating and delivering assessments
  • Overview of the Cirrus Platform interface
  • Item construction: different question types and options for creating digital questions
  • The development cycle of questions and assessments and the different roles involved
  • Candidate view: the candidate experience when taking an assessment

More information:

Duration: 180 minutes
Trainer: one of our experienced consultants
Group size: 4-10 people

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