Product Update | 2015-10-30 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update | 2015-10-30 | Cirrus Assessment 

We can now announce our next Cirrus Platform product update, available from Friday 30th October 2015. Changes include:

Polytomous/dichotomous scoring for Match questions

If a match question is answered partially correctly, candidates can now receive a partial score. For this type of question you will now need to select if you want Polytomous or dichotomous scoring.


Many of you will be happy to hear that selected filters will now be remembered when returning to a filtered list. You will also notice that when filtering within a collection, the filter has been moved to the left hand side to make it more consistent with filtering in other parts of the platform.

Improved usability

We've added page titles on each page to improve usability. We've improved scrolling: nano scrollers are removed and browser-default scrolling is used instead throughout the application. The column header will stay in place when scrolling long tables, plus many usability improvements to make the tables more readable. Last but not least we've improved the modal dialog windows: the size of the windows will be more responsive, for example when there is lots of data to show. Also the layout is more in line with our new design

'Marking start/end' now will be 'Assessing deadline'

We've removed start date for assessing. This means the assessor can start assessing as soon as the first candidate submits the answer. When scheduling you will still need to set the deadline for assessing.

And more...

We continue to improve the SOWISO mathematical question integration. What’s more: over 30 other general improvements and fixed have also been made!

Keep sending us your feedback! 

Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can send us your thoughts and comments at or simply reply to this email.

Have a great week!

The Cirrus Assessment Team

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