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About the Cirrus Administrator Training


After completing the Cirrus Administrator Training course, participants will be proficient in the use of the Administration Panel in the Cirrus Platform and have enough knowledge of Delivery(Scheduling / Invigilation) and Marking tools to facilitate the requirements for the construction and distribution of items and assessments.

Target Audience

This in-depth course is designed for those users responsible for ensuring that the Cirrus Platform meets user requirements for the construction and distribution of items and assessments..


This Administrator training offers an overview of Scheduling, Invigilation and Marking.
It provides an in depth look at the setup and management of system wide settings such as Roles, Hierarchies, Learning Objectives and User-Management.

Overview / Approach

Hands on training on the configuration of platform settings and advanced functions needed by Authors, Schedulers and Markers to support the effective creation of Item Banks, Assessments and Delivery.

Attendees are requested to think up-front about the way e-Assessment fits within their organisation. This is followed by ample opportunities for hands-on exercises based on realistic scenarios relating to your organisation and candidates, covering:

  • Analysis of requirements for your organisation
  • Detailed analysis of the admin panel in the Cirrus Platform.
  • Management of Roles, Hierarchies, Learning Objectives and Users

More information:

Duration: 180 minutes
Trainer: one of our experienced consultants
Group size: 4-10 people

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