Product Update | 2015-12-02 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update | 2015-12-02 | Cirrus Assessment


With great pleasure we’re announcing our next Cirrus Platform product update, available from Wednesday 2nd December  2015. Changes include:


Embedding video just got better

When you for example add a YouTube video, you can now add start and stop parameters. Please note that we use a HTML5 player - as the flash player is no longer considered up to standard by the industry (including YouTube itself).

New: Extended Match question  
We’ve added a new question type: the Extended Match question. This allows you to enter elements and corresponding matching aspects. The matching aspects can be text, image or sound, or a mix of all these. The order will be randomly shuffled for your candidates.

Numerous visual improvements

As always we pride ourselves on the usability and design. This quest continues with improved widgets (Invigilation and Marking), clearer status styling and improved styling of the Learning Objectives repository.

Improved integration capabilities
For automated user imports we’ve added unique IDs on hierarchies.

And many more…

Based on user feedback we’ve started to improve the print function under invigilation. We’ve fixed a file upload bug and done much, much more. Over 20 other general improvements and fixed have also been made!

Keep sending us your feedback!

Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can send us your thoughts and comments at or simply reply to this email.


Have a great week!


The Cirrus Assessment Team

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