Setting Information on the assessment

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Step One:  Information on the assessment

After creating a new assessment or when opening an existing one you will see the 'Information-tab':


These first details are crucial when scheduling your assessment.

  • Title and a Code - show the exactly that of the assessment
  • When using an integration with an external system, you can enter an External ID
  • Available for Scheduling to: select the Cluster(s) or hierarchies with people that can schedule this assessment - This will determine who can schedule your assessment.
    • Tip: Upon mouse-over you can see the hierarchies (groups) within a cluster.
    • Users can only see those groups they are entitled to see. 
    • Clicking on the link 'who can schedule show you a list of users that are allowed to schedule. (They need to have scheduling powers assigned to their Role of course.
    • It is considered a best practice *not* to use the highest level ('root') for obvious reasons (every user is a member of root).
  • Select how you want to assemble the assessment:
    1. Manual – you will select the questions yourself;
    2. Blueprint – question selection will be based on a matrix  / blueprint.
  • Click ‘Save’ when you’ve finished, to go to  ‘Tab 2 – Options of the assessment’ to setup the correct settings for your assessment and the candidate experience.

Additional information and options

  • In the top right you will find a ‘Share’ button to share or view who you’ve shared it with.
  • The 'Publish' button will open a small window showing the Status of your assessment (Draft vs Live). You can see your progress and a list of actions that still need to be taken before you can publish your assessment
  • You can 'Preview' your assessment (provided it has questions) using the [...]-button.

The next step is on Tab 2 – Options of the assessment’ - here you setup the correct settings for your assessment and it's candidate experience.



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