Scheduling: Activating the Schedule so candidates can take their assessment

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Activating the schedule so candidates can take their assessment

After Adding Candidates and Invigilators to your Schedule, you need to activate the schedule. Only once a schedule has been activated will the exam be available / visible to candidates.

  • Click the 'Schedule' button to activate your schedule:


You will be presented with a window with a To Do list and options to notify candidates and/or Invigilators:


  • Notifications - using the check-boxes you can sent a notification email to candidates or invigilators
  • To do - shows all required steps before you can activate your schedule
  • Click on the 'Schedule'-button to activate your schedule. Activating the assessment will mean that it is available to be taken by the candidates.

Alternatively, you can exit the assessment without activating it – your settings will all be saved and you will be able to return to the assessment at a later time to make any necessary changes. 

Important: once the assessment is activated, you will be not be able to make any changes to the schedule settings that you have defined through these four steps.

You can add any candidates to an activated / ongoing schedule

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