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Marking > Assess: automatically scored Items only only

So what does it mean if an assessment only contains items that are automatically marked (scored). In short:

  • The assessment will be scored and graded automatically.
  • At the end of the schedule the results will be published.
  • In order to view or process the results of an automatically scored and graded assessment before the schedule has ended you need to assign an assessor / marker to it. This person can select the assessment you want from their Marking > Results-tab to view, publish or export the results.
  • If you chose to go fully automatic and choose the 'do not assign assessor workflow markers can still see the handed in results while the schedule is open under Marking > Results if they have 'view reports' enabled on their profile for the schedule's hierarchy. They cannot publish these intermediate results though, but have to wait for the schedule to finish.
  • Once the schedule has finished the marker (if they have 'view reports' enabled on their profile for the schedule's hierarchy) can view and export these results on the Marking > Audit tab (and of course re-score them should that be necessary).

So depending on the length of your schedule window you choose to go fully automatic or use a marker to be able to:

Read more about:

  1. Adding a Marker to the assessment
  2. Ask the assigned marker of the assessment.


  • Remember: it depends on the assessment's setting what it means if the results are published, i.e. if the candidate will see anything on their dashboard for example.
  • Publishing can also be necessary for retrieval of results depending on integrations and work-processes in place.
  • When looking up results - remember to check the ‘Total items found’ listed on the page (10,30,50 or 100) for large groups/ cohorts.
  • You can also use the Filter by option provided on the results screen to submit large sets of results. This can be done in the Results screen (Marking) for any assessment 

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