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Marking > Results: collecting and publishing / processing results of your candidates

Once markers have scored all handed in assessments and submitted the scores, it is time to think about:

Publishing the results of your assessments / candidates

Once your team has submitted their assessment of the candidates answers, the scores given, the next step is publication of the results on the Marking > 'Results'-tab:

  1. The 'Results-tab' has permission-based access: admins can define who can see which results via a user's profile:
    • Via the users profile under Admin > User > Hierarchy > View reports is checked for the hierarchy associated with the schedule
    • If you are assigned as marker/moderator to a schedule you will see the results for that schedule.
  2. The coordinator determines who can publish results per schedule. Even people that are not involved in marking/assessing/moderation (like himself) can be the publisher of the results if they have been granted access by an admin (see first point):

Screenshot of assigning publishing of a schedule:


  1. Add assessors button to add assessors, moderators and publishers
  2. Use the 'Other' option and the check-box 'Publish Results' to enable people that are not involved in assessing/moderation to be the publisher of the results.
  3. The 'Publish Results' check-box can give any author or moderator the power to publish the results.

Screenshot of Marking: Results tab:


  • On the Results-tab in Marking you can select the results you want to publish.
  • (Advanced) Search and hierarchies of schedules help you narrow down the group of results to publish.
  • On-screen tips and available filters ('Show' and 'Filter by') help you focus on those results that have not been published yet.
  • To publish results:
  1. use the check-boxes next to candidates to select them for publication
  2. Use the search-box to narrow down groups of candidates by looking up a schedule title for example.
  3. Click the 'Publish results'-button to publish selected results. This will open a screen offering available options upon publication:


    Options upon publishing results:
    1. When available you can decide to publish to the candidate dashboard - allowing your candidates to access feedback as setup under the options of the assessment / schedule. 
    2. Tick the checkbox 'Inform candidates by e-mail' if you want to email the results to the candidates of your assessment.
    3. Click 'Publish'-button.

Important notes on publishing results:

  • Publishing results means they will move from 'Marking: Results' to 'Marking: Audit' tab.
  • Published (and submitted) results show up in Reports > Candidate Results > Candidates.
  • Published results also show up in Reports > Candidate Results > Schedules but only once all results for the schedules participants (candidates) have been published.
  • Published results will show on the candidate dashboard if this has been setup.
  • Published results can be scheduled for a Candidate Review session.
  • The assessment author (or the scheduler if permitted by your author) sets in what way results are released to candidates:

    • Manual publication of results - when whoever is setup for this decides to publish
    • Automatic publication of results of fully auto-scored exams: after every attempt or after the last attempt
  • When a candidate has not participated in an assessment, there will be no mail notification sent with his grade as this is not available in Cirrus.
  • When all results have been published for a schedule, i.e. for each candidate that took the assessment, the schedule will show up on the ‘Audit-tab’ .(formerly known as the 'Completed'-tab) under Marking. 

Marking: exporting results / scores

Cirrus offers multiple options when exporting assessment results under Marking when you click on the Export to Excel button:

[Image showing example of the Export to Excel window:]


A further description of the different formats you can export to can be found in our article 'Reports: exporting to Excel options'

What are the effects of publishing results & where can results be seen or downloaded?

The effects of publishing

There are several places where result can be seen and/or downloaded depending on where you are in the marking workflow. 

Results under Marking and Reports in Cirrus


Candidate Dashboard: for published results and candidate review sessions


Where can I or my candidates see the results

 Remember the different tabs / stages in Marking? 

  • Coordinator - lists scheduled assessments that need markers appointed
  • Assess - lists scheduled assessments where a marker selects what to score
  • Results - lists all work that was scored and submitted by the markers but which has not yet been published.
  • Rescoring - tab which only a few see. Gives the power to override scoring.
  • Candidate review - special tab (usually not for all markers) where you can schedule a online 'Review session' for the candidate to see his/her answers and scoring.
  • Audit - assessments who's schedule has ended and which have been marked, submitted and published end up here. Formerly known as the 'Completed'-tab.
  1. Where we talk about Markers usually also Moderators could be involved.
  2. Markers please note: candidates can be added to an ongoing schedule. Hints on the screen will alert you to the number of candidates you still need to mark.

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