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To ensure the most effective adoption and use of the Cirrus Platform within your organisation, we offer training, webinars and inspirational sessions to our customers.

When you opt for the intuitive design of the Cirrus Platform, we will assist you by providing training to you and your colleagues. This will give everyone the knowledge and skills to immediately create great assessments that seamlessly fit within your organisation.

Our training programme consists of the following modules:

  • Cirrus Introductory Course: 

This course is for anyone involved in using the Cirrus Platform within your organisation. It covers the complete lifecycle of digital examinations or e-Assessments using Cirrus.

Participants will get  an overview of Item (bank) creation and maintenance, Delivery, Invigilation and Marking using Cirrus. This will be followed by a hands on focus session on creating Items and Assessments using the Cirrus Platform.

More information on the Cirrus Introductory Course

  • Cirrus Advanced Course:

During this course participants will gain insights and develop skills to ensure the effective delivery of your e-Assessments using the Scheduling, Invigilation and Marking features. We will also look into the power of using Taxonomies, Hierarchies, Blueprints and defining Roles within the system.

More information on the Cirrus Advanced Course 

  • Cirrus Administration Course:

This course offers an overview of the Scheduling, Invigilation and Marking tools.
It provides an in depth look at the setup and management of system wide settings such as Roles, Hierarchies, Learning Objectives and User-Management.

Together with our customers, we ensure that each organisation has at least one (or more) Cirrus Assessment Certified Super User(s). These are the gatekeepers of all things related to the Cirrus Platform.  They will also have full access to our documentation and support to ensure your success.

More information on the Cirrus Administration Course

  • Certified Super User

A certified Cirrus Assessment Superuser has  successfully completed the Cirrus' Introductory Course and at least one of the following: the Cirrus Advanced Course, the Cirrus Administration Course.

  • Want to schedule a training? Need more information?

Want to schedule a training? More information on specific training and consultancy for your organisation? Contact us via support@cirrusassessment.com!


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