How to create and manage assessments in Cirrus

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How to create and manage assessments in Cirrus 

Creating an assessment in Cirrus is a simple. This guide will cover the creation of assessments in Cirrus in a few simple steps:

  1. Creating or Editing an Assessment from the overview page
  2. Providing relevant Information on the Assessment
  3. Setting the Options - assessment settings and candidate experience
  4. Selecting the questions for the assessment - manually or via a blueprint
  5. Building your assessment form, previewing and publishing it
  6. Publishing the Assessment
  7. Archiving or deleting assessments

Assessments overview in Cirrus

When you first login to Cirrus, you will see the Dashboard. Here, you can see at a glance what is happening in your organisation, including collections available, scheduled assessments and any notifications, such as when a colleague has shared a collection with you. (Note that what you see will depend on your role, the permissions that have been granted to you and what has been shared with you).

  1. Click on Assessments in the left-hand navigation panel > the ‘Assessments: overview screen’ will open:


In the Assessment overview you will only see a list of:

  • Assessments that you have created.
  • Assessments that have been shared with you by others.
  1. Use the Filters in the left column to narrow down your list: if there are lots of assessments listed you can easily filter them. For example by selecting a specific hierarchy or you could filter the list on 'Status' to show only ‘live’ assessments.
  2. Click on the Title of the Assessment to edit it. Information is shown and can be sorted on Title, Last Modified, Code, Type of Question selection used, Type of Assessment, Status and Published Yes or No.
  3. You can use the (extended) search to search for your assessment.
  4. Use the 'Add-button' to start creating a new assessment in Cirrus. Use the check-box together with the Delete, Archive or Copy buttons to  a selected Assessment (use the check-box)

Note: In order to create an assessment you will need some basic ‘ingredients’ such as a set of questions to add to your assessments. This manual presumes you have successfully created questions, questions have been shared with you or relevant questions have been made available to you using hierarchies.

Assessments in Cirrus need to be linked to one or more hierarchies or clusters. These are set up and maintained by your Cirrus Administrator.  If you need help with this, don’t hesitate to contact us via for additional training or consultancy!

Archiving or deleting assessments

Once an Assessment has been scheduled it can no longer be deleted. Assessments that have been scheduled or even taken by candidates cannot be unpublished or deleted. This is to prevent loss of information that needs to be stored. In this case you can

  1. Amend your assessment if required by creating a new version.
  2. Alternatively you can Archive the assessment - archiving an assessment (paper) means it will no longer be available for scheduling. Running schedules (i.e. they have started will not be affected and still use the old assessment.


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