Delivery: an introduction to Scheduling and Invigilation with Cirrus

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Delivery of your Assessment using Cirrus

To schedule an assessment in Cirrus, you just follow a few simple steps, whether it is a summative assessment for 2000 candidates at the end of the university year, or a formative mid-term assessment for a class of 15 students. These articles describe the scheduling of assessments in Cirrus:

The Delivery Overview screen: viewing and editing your schedules

Begin by clicking on the  ‘Delivering icon’ icon in the left-hand panel of Cirrus, the Delivery Overview page will open showing the 'Schedule-' and 'Invigilation'-tabs:

On the 'Schedule-tab' you’ll be able to see any assessments that have already been created.


  1. The overview shows a list of active schedules for your account. You can click on the Title of the schedule to continue editing it. Furthermore you can sort by Code, Version, Start and End date-time (Please note: the scheduled window is different from the duration of the test!). You see the hierarchy associated with the schedule and the current status of the booking: Activated or Draft.
  2. Click the +Add-button to create a new schedule.
  3. You can use the search bar to search for schedules. Click the funnel icon for advanced search option on date or hierarchy.
  4. You can use the the filters available in the left-hand column to narrow down the list based on cluster or hierarchy added to the schedule (if the scheduler has permission to see this of course). This left column also offers a link to archived schedules. (Schedules are either manually archived or archived automatically when they have expired.)

Tips when using the schedule overview:

In the overview on the schedule-tab you can easily access extra information on your booking by using a mouseover:


  1. If there are a lot of schedules listed you can filter on username or ID, schedule title or code. Or use the filter options on the left column.
  2. Upon mouse-over you can view additional details like the title of your booking (bold) but also the title of the assessment that is being delivered via that booking, information on the scheduler, invigilators and notifications.
  3. If you are the invigilator for an assessment and it is running, you can click on the icon to go to the invigilation screen for that assessment.

How to schedule an assessment in Cirrus

Selecting an assessment for your schedule or booking

  • Go to Delivering > Schedule overview tab
  • Click on the '+ Add button' in the schedule overview tab:


  • The 'Schedule new assessment' page will open with a list of published exams available to you for booking:

Example of the 'schedule new assessment page' - a pick list to select the assessment you want to schedule:


  1. Use the search box to narrow down the list by searching for a specific title for example
  2. Listed are Title (Code), assessment Type (Summative, Formative or Mixed) and the version number for the assessment.
  3. You can see which user is the owner and when the assessment was published
  4. Click on any assessment listed to see more detailed information - this way you can check that you are scheduling the exact correct assessment:


  1. On the left you see the introduction (welcome page) for the assessment
  2. On the right you can see meta-date like Learning Objectives and Taxonomies associated with questions in the exam. The assessment typ, max score of and number of questions in the exam are also listed.
  3. Click 'Schedule to start creating your booking or 'X' to cancel and go back to the overview page.

Previewing when scheduling:

Some of our customers want to enable schedulers to preview their assessments completely. This can for example be used in class to discuss formative assessment in greater detail. To enable this:

  1. For the assessment(s) enable Anonymous Sharing
  2. In Admin > Roles under 'Delivery' allow for 'Allow previewing of assessments' for the role of the scheduler
  3. Under Delivery on the Scheduling-tab find and click on your assessment.
    A 'preview button' will be available


Information to be set when scheduling an assessment

The next links will lead to the necessary and optional steps to create your schedule so candidates can take their assessment at the allotted date and timeframe:

  1. Information on a Schedule
  2. Options of a Schedule [Read only]
  3. Adding Candidates to a Schedule
  4. Adding Invigilators
  5. Activating the Schedule


Important notes when scheduling:

  • Scheduling and Invigilation are both part of delivery within Cirrus.
  • We strongly recommend you to create a separate account for scheduling, that can be shared between those responsible for booking exams.
  • Please note that schedules unlike collections and assessments cannot be shared.
  • Tip: admins can see all schedules via Admin > Content Management > Schedules.
  • Once an assessment has been published (i.e. set to Live), it will be available for scheduling.
  • Existing schedules will always use the latest published version - if publishing is done more than 15 minutes before the start of the schedule. (Recognisable by the green arrow and Published: Yes)
  • Once an assessment has been taken, there are only very limited possibilities to edit it - you can only make some textual changes to items (to correct typo's for instance).
  • Alternatively to amend the assessment it is best to create a new version of the assessment. As soon as the version is published any schedules that have not started yet will use the new version.
  • Schedules that have started or expired cannot be deleted. The latter will move to 'Archived' once finished.
  • You can archive the 'old' assessment so it won't be selectable for scheduling any more. 

Archiving/deleting or unscheduling your schedule

  • As long as a schedule has not been started by any candidate you can click on 'Edit schedule settings' and click the 'Unschedule' button.
  • Archiving a schedule will mean it will no longer be available for candidates to select after logging in. 
  • You can archive an ongoing schedule to stop or cancel the schedule - however - any candidate that has already started will be able to continue if you archive the schedule 
  • Deleting schedules is only possible as long as it has not been started by any candidate. Schedules that have started or expired cannot be deleted. Schedules automatically move to 'Archived' once finished (the deadline has passed).
  • For a schedule that has been started by a candidate the date and time of the deadline cannot be changed. See info about stopping it above.

Please note: like in other parts of our application you should know that as soon as an Item/Assessment/Schedule is being used, you will no longer be able to delete it as data is recorded against it. In such cases you should opt to archive it.

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