Scheduling: adding Candidates and Invigilators to your schedule

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Adding Candidates and Invigilators to your schedule

This article describes how to add Candidates and Invigilators to your Schedule:

Adding Candidates to your schedule

On the 'Candidates'-tab you can add candidates to your schedule:


  1. First, click the ‘Add Candidates’ button.
  2. The 'Add Candidates screen' will open. Here you can search for individual users or groups:


  1. To add individual candidates you can use the search box
  2. To start adding groups of uses click on the filter icon
  3. Click on the 'Search hierarchy-link' to find your group: in the window that opens you can either search for the group (it will also search in sublevels) or browse to find it:2018-01-12_1500-Scheduling-add-hierarchy-search.png
  4. Click 'Choose' to select your group and finish by clicking on the magnifying glass button.


When you've added the candidates an overview will be listed by Name and User ID.

  1. If you wish to remove a candidate from the list, use the tick-box next to the candidate’s name then click the ‘Remove Candidate’ button [A].
  2. If ‘Use PIN’ option has been set (under ‘Options’) the ‘Generate PIN code’ button will appear. You will see the PIN required to unlock the assessment listed next to each candidate. Note that the ‘PIN’ is the same for all candidates. This PIN will usually be distributed by the Invigilator at the start of the exam. Each candidate of course will have his/her own username and password.
  3. You may wish to print the attendance list for your records and for use on the day of the assessment – simply click the ‘Print’ button to do so.
About adding Candidates to you schedules: Cirrus enables you to to add candidates to schedules at any time.
  • You can add test takers without de-activating the schedule
  • You can add candidates even when the exam window has started
  • You can add to an ongoing exam schedule even when other candidates have started taking the test.

Removing candidates from your schedule:

  • You can remove candidates from your schedule as long as it is not published/scheduled. (You can unschedule as long as no candidate has started).

When you are happy with these settings, you can Add Invigilators to your schedule [optional] or Click on the 'Schedule'-button in the top right Activate the Schedule using the button in top right so the assessment will actually be available to your candidates.

Adding Invigilators to your Schedule

On the 'Invigilators'-tab you can select the invigilator(s) you wish to assign to the assessment. This is optional and can be done right up to the start of the assessment window as long as the schedule is deactivated:

  • Go to the 'Invigilators'-tab under scheduling
  • Click on the 'Add Invigilators'-button. 
  • The Add Invigilator screen will open:


  1. Via Hierarchy or Search Invigilator (simply start typing the name of the Invigilator) you can easily narrow down the list of users to add
  2. Search for...: offers the option to narrow down to people with the correct role by (un)checking the appropriate boxes
  3. Check the tick-boxes to select the correct users
  4. Click on 'Save and Close'

Please note

  • When adding an Invigilator you can only select users that have access to this component as setup under Admin > Roles by your System Administrator.
  • Inversely, you cannot  add someone who does not have the rights (the correct role / hierarchy) to act as an Invigilator.
  • Also: the list of users you have access to is determined by which groups (hierarchies) you are a member of. These groups need the option "Allow relationship with Scheduled assessments" / "Available in: schedules" checked.

When  you've completed all steps / actions for scheduling, you can go ahead and Activate the Schedule using the button in top right so the assessment will actually be available to your candidates.

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