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Marking>Assess: Marking Items or Candidates and submitting the scores

In Cirrus you can easily mark candidates or items of any assessment available for Marking. It depends on the type of questions (open versus closed) and your preferred approach for scoring on how to do this. This article is about:

Marking is also known as scoring or grading. It basically means assigning point to the answer given, at which point you can also give reasons for the score.

The Submissions Screen of your schedule: where marking starts

So you've scheduled your assessment and candidates have taken your exam. Their hand-ins will show on the submissions screen for the schedule under Marking: now it is time to mark / score them.

  • To start this you go to Marking > the 'Assess'-tab
  • Click on the assessment you want to mark. The submissions screen for that particular schedule will open:


On the submissions screen for the schedule to be marked by you, you can for example click on 'Show' behind the first candidate to start scoring. This screen will also provide you with:

  1. Notifications to with very informative prompts on the progress of Scoring for this schedule.
  2. You can view a list of all candidates and information on their User ID, when they handed in, Your Score, Moderator Score (when applicable) and the Status of scoring.
  3. Click on 'Show' behind a candidate to start / continue scoring.
  4. The Status column shows the status of scoring for each candidate, use this in combination with  
  5. Filter by: especially if you have a large cohort of candidates to score. You can filter the results by:
    • Not handed in - the candidate did not hand in anything or his/her test was voided by the invigilator
    • First attempt
    • That counts [default selected] - the test was handed in and requires Scoring of one or more questions*
    • Last attempt - only applicable for assessment with multiple attempts
    • Best attempt - only applicable for assessment with multiple attempts
    • All not marked attempts -Tip: use this one to quickly find candidate that might have been missed while scoring 
    • All attempts
    • Not Submitted
    • Assessing in progress - items have been scored but can still be changed
  6. The 'Submit scores'-button can be used to publish all results when everyone (each assessor(s) and moderators involved in scoring is finished with the candidates hand-ins. 
  7. Besides the Submit Scores-button, the [...]-button will open a link to the Assessment Summary:


Marking: automated versus manual scoring of Items

  • An assessment containing only automatically marked items will be scored automatically. The assessment is also graded automatically. Scores will be published automatically at the end of the schedule. Assessors (teachers for example) can be assigned to track/view progress while the schedule is still open.
  • Open question (like an Essay question) cannot be scored by the system and need a human assessor to manually mark the questions.

 Marking: Scoring per Item versus scoring per Candidate as an Assessor.

Scoring per candidate - for any assessment containing manual (human) scored items you can choose to score each individual before moving to the next individual candidate.

For example: you score the full test for Candidate 01 before moving to the scoring of Candidate 02 etc. In Cirrus you can easily divide candidates over up two markers.

Scoring per Item: this is when, for example, you first score all answers to the first question of a test, then all answers to the second question et cetera.

It can also mean that you score all answers to the first question, while a colleague scores all answers to the second question of a test

Tip: for more information on scoring, for example, an Essay question, see 'Marking-manually-scored-Items-like-Essay-questions'

Marking: When the Assessor is done - submitting scores and viewing grades for your cohort

  • 'Scoring complete' - Whenever you have scored a candidate's hand-in, the status will change in the submissions overview to ‘Scoring complete'. At this point the score can still be changed.
  • 'Assessing complete' - When finished with scoring, the assessor can submit the scored hand-in. Depending on the settings for your schedule the status of the hand-in will move to 'Waiting for Moderator' or 'Assessing complete'. At this point the assessor can no longer change the scores:


When all scoring for your assessment has been done:

When all scoring has been done by an assessor or moderator, they need to submit their scores for further processing and publication:


  1. Use the checkbox in the first column next to the candidates name to select their scores for submission. The candidates that have their scores submitted will have their check-box ‘greyed out’. 
  2. Click the ‘Submit scores’ button: a prompt will show "Are you sure you want to submit the scores? After you have submitted the scores you cannot make any changes to the scoring. Are you sure you want to continue?"
    Click "Continue"
  3. On screen tips will tell you how far along you are in the marking process of submitting the scores before they can be published. We've added notification for when:
    • You are working on scoring, but haven’t completed
    • You have completed all the scoring, but your co-assessor and/or moderator is not yet finished
    • You have completed the scoring and your co-assessors/moderator is also finished

    Example screenshot showing the assessor is waiting for colleagues before he can publish the results:


  4. The 'Grades-tab' offers an overview of all scores for the schedule / cohort as related to the assessment scales set for the assessment taken by your candidates. The 'Grades-tab' will only be available after you've submitted scores for all candidates. It will show:
    1. The name of the predefined assessment scale as set by the assessment author under assessment options
    2. You can see the overview using Score (points) or percentages
    3. Number of students per Grade scale - mouseover gives a count
    4. Grading scale specified - the marker (Assessor) can view the grade scale set by the assessment author before submitting the results. Please note that the grade scale and the percentage to pass are set separately by the assessment author!

Tip: You can submit scores for individual candidates or choose to submit all at once.

Marking: Publishing results - the last step

When all scores for your schedule have been submitted - and only at that point -  you can view the Grades-tab and the results will show up for publishing on the Marking > Results-tab (one-level up). On this Results-tab you can publish the results.

Note that it is not possible to move from the Submissions tab to the Grades-tab before all submissions have been completely scored and submitted. I.e. assessor(s) or moderator(s) need to have submitted their marks for all candidates.

When candidates in the schedule should the status: 'Assessing complete' / 'Not Handed in' you can move to the next step: Marking: finalising grades and publishing results for your Assessment. 

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