IMS LIS: How to assign roles to users

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IMS LIS: How to assign roles to users


Cirrus Assessment translates the IMS LIS institutionRoleTypes to Cirrus roles according to a mapping table, and only a few roles exist by default.

Role mapping

Cirrus does not have default mapping between IMS LIS institutionRoleTypes and Cirrus Roles. As a basic example mapping can look like this (but remember: Roles in Cirrus are fully flexible and setup for each individual customer!):


IMS LIS institutionRoleType

Cirrus Role



























Carer (non standard)



System Administrator




Customizing the mapping

This transformation table (and the Cirrus Assessment role column) can be changed using Cirrus Assessment UI:

[Admintration > IMS LIS Mappings listing role mapping:]

IMS LIS role-mapping section

  1. Log in to Cirrus.

  2. Go to Administration -> IMS LIS mappings

  3. Edit the desired role (row) (these changes will be autosaved immediately!)

  4. The value you put in this field can be used as the institutionRoleType in your IMS LIS requests, so the default mapping table does not restrict you in any way.

Words of caution:

  • If the IMS LIS institutionRoletype cannot be mapped to any of the Cirrus Roles, the 'Default role for external enrolment' is used.

  • If the IMS LIS institutionRoletype is mapped to a Cirrus Role that has been marked as deleted (you will not see the role in the UI), the 'Default role for external enrolment' is used.

  • If for the ‘Default role for external enrolment’ an invalid IMS LIS institutionRoletype is specified, ‘Student’ will be used.

  • If the IMS LIS institutionRoletype element is empty, Cirrus will revert to the default role set within Cirrus, usually "Student". If you are updating a person, do not send empty tags. You should send the person's correct institutionRoleType as this is a required field.



Your organisation will start to use a link to the Candidate Dashboard Cirrus, and you are going to import all the candidates' user accounts through IMS LIS.

In IMS LIS, use the IMS LIS institutionRoleType = 'Student' in the createPerson request.

In Cirrus, ensure that the role you are using for Candidates matches the IMS LIS institutionRoleType Students. This can be done via Admin > IMS LIS using the role mapping table. So you map the IMS LIS institutionRoleType 'Student' to  Cirrus role (title) used for candidates in your environment:


Please note: usually this is Candidate or in Dutch Kandidaat, but it can be customised (e.g. some customers call this Participant / Deelnemer).

Now create your createPerson requests as per the documentation

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