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System Requirements:

Cirrus Assessment works on all major browsers, please see the file attached to this article (bottom of the page) for more detailed system requirements.

Browser Check for Candidates

Cirrus offers candidates a browser check on the introduction page of their exam.

Security settings: Using Cirrus within a locked-down environment and PIN

When delivering high stakes exams, extra layers of security can be added.

  • Cirrus offers options like using a PIN code to start the assessment, randomising questions and/or answer options per candidates, using blue print et cetera. We also recommend the use of a 'PIN' for extra security.
  • A so called ‘Lock-down browser’ can ensure that a candidate cannot exit the browser window while the assessment is in progress.
  • Online invigilation: remote proctoring

To use this option, you will need to perform a check on whether the examination facilities and your Cirrus setup support this extra layer of security.

Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via

The Cirrus Assessment Team

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