Delivery: Candidate View

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Delivery: the Candidate View

Candidates have their own, separate delivery environment to login to. This article describes some of the key functionalities at a glance.

Candidate Login Screen

Candidates can go to their designated URL for taking their assessment and log in:


  1. Candidate enters their username and password and clicks on the 'Login-button'.
  2. If candidates do not know their password they can click on 'Can't log in?'. Upon entering their username an email will be sent with password reset link.
  3. Please note: if your environment has been setup to be integrated with another system, candidates might see a different login button or they will skip the login-page entirely and move straight to the assessment's introduction page or non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  4. Warning on password reset during exams: During an exam there typically is no option for the candidate to check their email. In this case an Invigilator or Admin in Cirrus can reset the candidate's password. Please check with your exam provider.

Candidate Dashboard

Upcoming assessments overview

After log-in the candidate will see the personalised 'Candidate Dashboard:


The Candidate Dashboard - Upcoming - shows any ongoing and upcoming schedules:

  1. Today's assessments - lists assessments that can be taken today by assessment title and code.
    1. Available - lists the date and time the schedule starts and the assessment becomes available.
    2. Deadline - list the data and time the schedule ends. This deadline is final, there is no way to extend this.
    3. Duration - shows you the amount of minutes you have to complete the exam.
  2. Use the 'Start test'-button - only once the schedule has become  available this button will appear. 
  3. Next 30 day's - A list of assessments scheduled to start in the next 30 days.
  4. Upcoming / Completed Assessment access - Using this drop-down the candidate can navigate to Completed Assessments - containing a list of available results and any review session scheduled - and back to the Upcoming Assessments.
  5. Font size - Use these button to increase / decrease font-size. Log-out - click on your username and select Log Out'
  6. The list also shows whether the assessment is scheduled for participation using a lock-down browser (such as SEB: Safe Exam Browser).

Completed Assessments Overview


The Candidate Dashboard - Completed screen- shows any completed scheduled assessments for the candidate and review sessions (if scheduled of course):

  1. Planned review sessions - sometimes exam boards will schedule what is called a review session. These are generally timed slots where the candidates can login and review their answers and scores received. See our article Marking: Candidate Review-sessions to access marked work according to customisable settings.
  2. Completed Assessments - shows the candidate a list of all past exams including date of submission.
  3. This list offers some filters and shows: Percentage correct, Grade and Result 
    1. This will only show if the author has set this up under the Assessment Options. If not it will show 'Not disclosed'.
    2. Alternatively if the markers have not yet published the results you will see 'Not publised'.
  4. Use the 'View'-button the candidate will be able to view a more detailed report on the results (the Score Report for example). What is shown depends on what the assessment author has for your assessment under - candidate feedback. If results are 'Not Disclosed' no button will appear.
  5. Upcoming / Completed Assessment access - using this drop-down the candidate can navigate to Upcoming Assessments - containing a list of upcoming assessments.

Important notice:

  • When you choose not Never show results  the candidate will never see percentage correct, Grade or Result. 
  • When you choose not to give feedback to candidate they will never see a 'View'-button listed for the assessment.
  • A planned review session can overwrite the above.

Assessment: welcome screen for the candidate

When the candidate has logged in and clicked 'Start test' for a specific Assessment, the 'Assessment's welcome page' will show.


The assessment welcome page shows the candidate the following:

  1. Title of the Assessment
  2. Introduction text to your assessment as setup by the author for it Welcome Page.
  3. 'Your browser has been approved' - shows the results of a quick Browser Check for candidates to see if your browser is supported when taking the exam.
  4. Details - [optional] your exam provider can choose not to show this for their exams]. This lists basic information like
    1. Duration of the test (in minutes)
    2. Number of questions in the assessment
    3. Attempt - shows which attempt is about to start out of the total attempts available. For high-stakes exams this is usually 1/1. For practice exams you might get 3/5 for example.
    4. Max score - shows the maximum amount of points you can score if you get 100% correct.
    5. Which attempt counts - this can be the last attempt or the best attempt of multiple attempts.
    6. Percentage for passmark - shows the percentage score needed to pass.
  5. Using the 'Start Assessment' button - on the bottom left the candidate can start the exam.
  6. Font size - Use these button to increase / decrease font-size.

Please note that in case of online proctoring or certain other integration, the welcome page will show straight away and you will skip the login page.

Delivery: the Browser Check for candidates

By logging in candidates now automatically get a browser check on the start screen of their assessment: After clicking on 'Start test' on the dashboard, the system runs a quick test of the setup of the candidate to check if the system is able to run the exam.

"Your browser has been approved."

If the browser does not check out a warning will display:

"Your browser has not been approved. Please update your browser or contact your system administrator."

To see a list of supported browser visit our article on "System Requirements".

In combination with setting up sample exams this is a powerful tool to help your candidates and prevent unwanted surprises.

During the Exam: viewing and answering questions

Once started the candidate needs to answer question of course. Let's take a look at an example question:


  1. The top bar shows the 'Total time remaining' in minutes and offers a basic calculator (optional) and allows you to increase or decrease the font-size.
  2. Below that you will see the Question Title and number (position in the test) and the max score (optional). On the right hand side you will see question 5 of 9 to show how far along your are.
  3. Then the question text shows, followed by the answer field. In our example you are required to type your answer in the for of an Essay. The author has enabled Rich Text editor [optional]
  4. The 'Restore answer' button - allows you to restore a previous answer in case you've deleted it by accident for example.
  5. Words and Characters [optional - needs to be enabled by the question author]
  6. The bottom bar is for navigation and offers the following:
    1. Previous / Next - used to navigate your questions
    2. Resource - [optional - not shown on image above] this can link to a PDF for reference. It opens in a separate viewer.
    3. Overview - shows an overview of the questions, marking those that you have not answered and those you have answered. By default the ones that you have started answering will turn green.
    4. Introduction - show the welcome text and some info on your exam.
    5. Flag - use this button to flag (or unflag) questions on your overview so can revisit them before handing in.
    6. 'Complete Assessment' - button
Tip: You can answer Multiple Choice question easily by using the a,b,c,d keys on your keyboard!


Essay questions: the restore button for Candidates

What happens when a candidate (accidentally) deletes the answer to one of the essay questions during an exam?

Cirrus saves and securely logs all entries made by candidates. Such an event can lead to frustration and lost time to re-enter the answer. That’s why we have now added a restore button for candidates, which makes it possible to restore deleted answers by the candidate:




Feedback for your candidates after submission of the assessment

So your candidate submits their exam. It is up to you to select what feedback you provide upon submission. This paragraph shows some examples of the different options you have:

  • Never - The candidate will only be presented the finish text provided and a Finish button which returns him to the login page. Nothing else will be made available.
  • Summary - Shows which questions the candidate answered correctly
  • Detailed - Shows the correct answer for each question
  • Score report - Shows Learning Objectives mastering by the candidate

Summary report for candidates

Below you can view an example Summary report for the candidate:

Detailed report for candidates

Below you can view an example Detailed report for the candidate:

The Score Report for candidates

Below you see an example Score Report for the candidate - showing the Subject and Learning Objectives mastering by the candidate:


The Score Report shows Subject / Learning Objectives mastery by the candidate based on:

  • Weighted Mastered level: this visualises the competence per Subject or Learning Objective based on points / percentages answered correctly.
  • When subjectively/manually marking still needs to be done this will be clearly indicated by a prompt and the 'Awaiting Marking' column:


Feedback on individual questions (formative)

Feedback on individual questions is mostly used in formative tests. On the options panel of your assessment or schedule you can choose to show:

Feedback on alternatives

Feedback on alternatives: this shows the feedback as entered for Multiple Choice and Multiple Response questions. As a candidate you select your answer and click on submit:


Upon clicking submit by the candidate the feedback for the selected answer is shown. (And if the candidate clicked the wrong alternative the correct alternative is marked.

When no feedback text was entered on the alternative or when the candidate checks the answer of any other question type  (so not MC or MR) no feedback text is shown. However: the candidate gets to see what the correct and what the incorrect alternatives are:


Feedback on question as a whole

If you select show feedback on questions, a standard feedback text will appear for each question. This is enabled on the options panel of your assessment or schedule under "Candidate Experience". If you select this you can enter the generic feedback for a correct answer, the partially correct answer or a wrong answer by the candidate: 2016-08-09_1352-use-feedback.png

Example of generic feedback on questions for the candidate upon checking their answer in delivery:

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