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Exporting Items to Excel

Cirrus Assessment is proud of the possibilities it offers to import Items into the platform. Using our webservices / API you can easily exchange data with your systems. But it doesn't stop there: Now we also offer a basic export to Excel for those who find it hard to leave offline Office distribution behind.

How to Export Items to an Excel file:

  • Go to the Collection you want to export from
  • Check all the Items you want to include in your export
  • Click the 'Export'-button
  • The download of a .zip file containing the Excel file will start immediately.


    Please note: export is limited to 100 items at a time

Which Item types can I Export?

Export works for following types of question: 

  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple response
  • Either/Or
  • Order
  • Short answer
  • Essay

Please note: Feedbacks for alternatives and Marking scheme for essay are not exported. All other question types are also excluded from our export at the moment.

Who can Export Items?

For Authors this option should be turned on by default. However, as Roles are fully flexible this setting can be turned on / off by an Administrator via Administration > Roles > Collection > Collection Item Management > Export Items:


Exporting Items with Media Elements

When you plan to export files which use media elements, be sure to do a test run first. Media elements will be automatically exported and are placed into a separate 'Media' folder within the .zip file of you export.

Please note:
Regarding the use of media elements you should always keep your candidate delivery in mind.

  • Questions should not make use of very large media files (<10 MB)
  • The total amount of media files should not be too big.

You should also keep in mind that due to limitations of Excel any links to media elements are not preserved within the question and/or answer texts in your Excel file.

If you want to use large files, consider using embedded video for example. Embedded content is not placed into 'Media' folder but it is shown as link in the question/answer text.

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