Product Update | 2016-02-04 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  2016-02-04 | Cirrus Assessment

With great pleasure we’re announcing our latest product update today. Changes include:

Maths questions: added the 'test usage' field and 'opposite evaluation'.

We've added the 'test usage' field and 'opposite evaluation' to our Maths questions developed with our partner Sowiso. This offers advanced scoring abilities in the form of partial scores. For instance, when somebody answers x=4/2 in stead of x= 2, you can use this in tests to score the first answer as 80%, and the second as 100%.

Export to Excel

Cirrus now offers the possibility to export certain question types to Excel, most notably Multiple Choice and Essay Items.

Bug fixes and improvements

As always we keep on making improvements and fix bugs, for example a bug was fixed were some Hotspot questions crashed when editing them.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can send us your thoughts and comments at

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The Cirrus Assessment Team

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