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IMS Learning Information Services


This document describes the IMS Learning Information Services and the methods supported by Cirrus Assessment.

In the words of the IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc.:

The Learning Information Services (LIS) specification is the definition of how systems manage the exchange of information that describes people, groups, memberships, courses and outcomes within the context of learning. The LIS v2.0 specification supersedes the IMS Global Enterprise Services v1.0 specification. The LIS specification is based upon the aggregation of the Person Management, Group Management, Membership Management, Course Management, Outcomes Management and the Bulk Data Exchange Management Services specifications. The LIS v2.0 can be implemented using a Web Services infrastructure (based upon a SOAP/http transport mechanism). The Learning Information Services specification is constructed following the recommendations documented in the IMS Abstract Framework ..

The documentation contained on this web site will provide you with descriptions and examples for all the services and methods supported by Cirrus Assessment, as well as instructions and tips on how to get started using an IMS LIS integration with Cirrus Assessment.

Functionality and implementation

Services and methods implemented

Information on the individual services and methods are listed by their main function:

IMS Learning Information Services online documentation

The original function descriptions, original WSDL files, request/response examples can be found here:

Service access

To obtain access to a development environment, you must be a licensed customer or system integration partner.


Base URL

Accessible by

Test Server (beta)

Selected partners only

Production Server

Licensed customers

Getting started guide

The following articles will help you to setup IMS LIS integration:

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