IMS LIS Integration setup

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IMS LIS integration setup

In Cirrus, an account with system administrator settings must create integration credentials that will be used for authentication. 

Important note:

When user is created via external integration, he will be assigned to the specified default group (applicable for Person Management Service).

You can setup the integration using any system admin account. We recommend you use a separate account (with access to Admin > Integrations) for this. This will then be associated with any change made. For example when you delete a user to the trash can you can see it was done via the integration account.

Setting up the integration

Go to Administration panel > Web Services > Integrations, then press “Add integration” button (fig 1). An integration setup dialog will appear (fig 2).

Fig 1. Administration panel


Cirrus will automatically generate integration credentials (fig 2; steps 3, 4).

Fig 2. Integration setup dialog


Only thing you have to do is change integration title and default hierarchy. Below the integration credentials, you can find service endpoints addresses (fig 3).

Fig 3. Integration setup dialog


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