Timezones and time usage in Cirrus

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Timezones and time usage in Cirrus

This page gives you an overview of the different time settings as used in the Cirrus Platform.

Daylight saving time

Please note that the Cirrus platform adheres to daylight saving time. We change this according to the following rules: [link]

Overview of time as set in the Cirrus platform

Some customers create, plan and assess their candidates in the same local timezone. Others cover multiple timezones within their area, or distribute their assessments internationally or over multiple timezones (for example in the USA and in Australia). 

 Location in Cirrus  Based on Notes
Login screen for Authoring     
 Candidate Delivery: opening screen of an exam for candidates Local time on device Regional settings of the device used (computer, ipad, phone)
 Individual users Regional Setting in Cirrus   
Schedules (aka planned assessments or bookings)    
Date and time in mails sent to candidates / markers / invigilators via Cirrus platform    


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