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Timezones and time usage in Cirrus: daylight saving time

This page gives you an overview of the different time settings as used in the Cirrus Platform. Please note that the Cirrus platform adheres to daylight saving time. 

Overview of time as set in the Cirrus platform

Some customers create, plan and assess their candidates in the same local timezone. Others cover multiple timezones within their area, or distribute their assessments internationally or over multiple timezones (for example in the USA and in Australia). 

Times is Cirrus are stored in UTC. This is also the expected format when booking through an integration for example.

In the User Interface these times are translated to show in the user's timezone settings. Alternatively: when a user enters times they are translated and stored in UTC. These settings (unless altered by the user) are based on the Regional Settings in Cirrus.

Example Times shown for a Schedule and daylight saving time

Let look at an example Schedule:


This Schedule tells you that the times shown for it to open en close ar defined in GMT+02:00. 

Time is shown according to your profile setting

For other times listed in Cirrus the time is based on the timezone as set in the user's profile:


In this case the user is also on GMT+02:00 daylight saving time (Amsterdam / the Netherlands are on daylight saving time). So if I use this account and see that for an attempt that the candidate finished
September 18 2019, 13:28 hrs this means the candidate finished at 11:28 hrs UTC/GMT.

If I now change this user's TimeZone to UTC-04:00 New York for example, the time shown for the same candidate finishing will change to  07:28 hrs but it still means that the candidate finished at the same time of 11:28 hrs UTC/GMT of course!

What happens when daylight ends?

Daylight saving time 2019 in Netherlands began at 02:00 on Sunday, 31 March and ends at 03:00 on
Sunday, 27 October. (All times are in Central European Time).

After this time the user will see all times in GMT+01:00. The schedule will also show the time as GMT+01:00 for schedules that start on or after Sunday 27 October:


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