Adding/Deactivating Taxonomy terms to Cirrus

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How to create / add / change Taxonomy terms

You easily create Taxonomy terms (Taxonomies) manually in Cirrus:

  • Go to Admin > Taxonomies
  • Here you will see an overview of repositories with Taxonomies referred to as Taxonomy categories are setup for your environment:

Tip: you can read more about the using Taxonomies in your e-assessments.
  • Select the Taxonomy Category you want to manually add Taxonomie terms to (or create a new one).
  • The 'Add taxonomy'-screen will open where you can add / change / deactive taxonomy terms:

  • The category (repository) has a title and a short description [A]
  • You can add and delete rows (taxonomy terms) using the buttons [B]
  • Please note:  enter taxonomy terms in the order you want to display them for your item authors.  You cannot change the order of the terms at this point.
  • You can (temporarily) deactivate individual terms [C]

Deactivating Taxonomy terms

When you deactivate taxonomy terms the following applies:

  1. [Library] You can no longer select it when creating / editing an item
  2. [Library] On existing items nothing changes, i.e. it does not automatically get deselected
  3. [Assessments: Blueprints]


    1. The taxonomy category will still be visible in the dropdown box used to select your taxonomy category
    2. De-activated taxonomy terms are still available in the blueprint matrix for question selection as deactivation does not mean that authors might not want to use them for assessment authoring.

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