Product Update | 2016-08-16 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  2016-08-16 | Cirrus Assessment

New: CirrusID, a unique and userfriendly ID for each question

We've added the 'CirrusID': an autogenerated, unique and human-friendly ID for your Items. This is comprised of a customisable prefix based on the collection it is in, an assigned number and the version of the Item. Currently the CirrusID shows in the breadcrumb when editing an Item. Read more about IDs in Cirrus.

Item statistics: now showing additional information on status and score

Authors can now see information like Maximum score and additional info on each Item's 'Status' when hovering over a question in the Statistics-tab of a collection in their Library.Read more about the Item Status on the Statistics-tab.


Section pages are next!

The implementation of the CirrusID is a preliminary step to release the new sections pages functionality later this week.  The current way of adding section blocks to your assessments will become obsolete after the next release.

Small changes / fixes / know issues

  • Known issue: No error is shown when trying to save collection without a title.

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