Product Update | 2016-09-01 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  2016-09-01 | Cirrus Assessment

New: Automatically scored assessments

When your assessment only has automatically scored questions,only Multiple Choice for example the grades are now automatically calculated. This means that scoring and Grading for these tests will not be necessary. However, these tests will need an assessor in order to view the results, mail the results to students, or export them to Excel for example.

Adding an assessment scale to your assessments

Assessment scales determine the grade of your candidates. Setting this for your assessment has now been moved from Marking. It now can easily be set using a drop-down when creating / editing your assessment. It is now part of the assessment options.

Feedback for your candidates: the score report

So your candidate submits their exam. It is up to you to select what feedback you provide upon submission. Read our article on 'Feedback for your candidates after submission of the assessment' to see examples on the different options:

  • Never - the assessor decides when and how the results will be released
  • Summary - Shows which questions the candidate answered correctly
  • Detailed - Shows the correct answer for each question
  • NEW: Score report - Shows Learning Objectives mastering by the candidate:

Improved: statistics on assessment level in Marking

We've concluded our overhaul in this area and now added statistics on assessment level under Marking


SNEAK PREVIEW: Announcing a new Marking workflow!

As announced previously, we've completely changed the marking workflow. This means that for summative assessments you can add or change markers at any time. The marking coordinator will be able to assign markers for assessments with certain qualifications. In the marking coordinator overview they will see a list of assessments and whether they need or have assessors assigned.

Formative and Mixed assessments have their scheduler as marker by default. This is set automatically and cannot be changed by the scheduler or an admin.

Read all about it in our sneakpreview article on Marking: How to grade and score assessments in Cirrus

Small changes / fixes / know issues

  • Add/edit collection: default Learning Objectives and Taxonomy selection is now saved.
  • We removed a non-functional checkbox in Numeric question type regarding non-alphanumeric characters.

All our Release Notes

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