Adding a Non-Disclosure Agreement to your assessments

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Adding a Non-Disclosure Agreement to your assessments

When delivering assessments, you can choose to serve a Non-Disclosure agreement to your candidates before they can take their test. The candidate needs to accept this to continue and be able to take the test. If the candidates decline they will not be able to take the test. You can choose per booking / schedule to show a NDA. The text of your NDA(s) is fully customisable through the use of templates for this document.

Creating a Non-Disclosure agreement template

First the use of NDA's needs to be setup for your environment. This can be done by Cirrus only, please contact if you want this done. Once the site setting to use NDA has been turned on, NDA templates can be set-up under Admin > Templates.

  • Go to Admin > Templates
  • Click the +Add button to create a new NDA or click on the title of an existing NDA
  • On the next screen you can fill out details and select that you are creating a NDA template:
    • Title - the title of the NDA - this will show for authors when they want to select a NDA.
    • Description (optional) - a brief description specifying the NDA
    • Category: select NDA (in the future there will be more templates)
    • Main text: shown to the candidate when displaying the NDA
    • Decline text: this will show after the candidate has declined the NDA - see below

Delete template - it is possible to delete a NDA template, even if it is used in assessments. When a NDA template is deleted, it is still shown as selected in existing assessments and shown in delivery. But it is not possible to use it in new assessments.

Edit template - If a template is used in an assessment and then it is changed in Admin, it will be updated in all assessments where it is used - even if assessment is scheduled and already started.

Adding a Non-Disclosure agreement to your Assessment

First the use of NDA's needs to be setup for your environment by Cirrus. Once the site setting to use NDA has been turned on by Cirrus, authors will see an extra option on the Assessment Form. Authors have the option to choose a NDA from a dropdown list: 


Please note: If an author does not choose a specific NDA, no NDA will be included. NDA's are managed via Admin > Templates. The time spent on the NDA does not affect the time for the assessment. Please note however that the scheduler should allow for some extra time in the schedule window as is best practice anyways. For example: if your test takes 60 minutes, don't schedule it for exactly 60 minutes.

Candidate delivery: example showing of a NDA from the candidate's perspective

  • The candidate logs into Cirrus as per usual
  • The candidate will see the start page with your Introduction text and some additional information
  • The candidate clicks on 'Next' and will be presented with your NDA.

  • He/she now has the option to check 'Yes, I accept' and click next to start the assessment.
  • If the candidate selects 'No, I do not accept' they will be shown a popup asking them to confirm declining taking the assessment:
    • Text: "Click 'Exit exam' if you choose not to accept the terms and conditions as set forward. You will then exit the exam and forfeit this attempt. Click 'Return to exam' to return to the previous page."


    • If they click 'Exit exam' they will be shown your Decline text as setup in the NDA. They will have no way to start this attempt.


    • If they click Return to exam' they will go back to the previous screen to actively chose 'Yes, I accept [the NDA terms and conditions.
  • Candidates have 30 minutes to agree (or not). After that they will automatically be redirected to the decline text.
  • The time spent on the NDA does not affect the time for the assessment.


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