Product Update | 2016-09-14 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  2016-09-14 | Cirrus Assessment

Marking: more information for markers

Marking:We’ve added a widget showing maximum score for the assessment you are marking. What is even more important: we’ve added a slidable right panel to the tabs in Marking showing more details on the particular assessment / session you are marking:

This slider contains info such as:

  • Percentage to Pass
  • Max total score 
  • Manual scoring: number of questions that need manual scoring
  • Times the assessment was submitted
  • Time allowed for the assessment
  • High level statistics 

Read all about Marking: How to grade and score assessments in Cirrus and feel free to contact us for assistance or a webinar!

Archiving Schedules

By popular request we've improved the UI for Schedules. By default you will see only activated schedules and Drafts. Schedules with the deadline in the past or which have been manually archived will show up under "Archived". Current assessments need a one-time manual cleanup: check them and press the 'Archive'-button.

Improvements to user management

Admin > Users: Improved user management: columns Created and Last logged in have been added. You can now also filter on type of user. More improvements will follow!

Small changes / fixes 


  • Error message when trying to delete hierarchy without user
  • [Formative, Mixed] After removing candidates from a schedule and adding new candidates the scheduled did not show up for marking
  • Maths question (Sowiso): variable cannot be changed/saved
  • [NDA] When time for accept/decline NDA runs out, candidate should be redirected to Decline NDA page
  • When editing a section in an assessment which uses an archived section page, section page should be visible and selected
  • Delete qualification if an associated assessment is in Trashcan should not be possible
  • When permanently deleting an assessment from Trashcan its connected questions still show as being "in use"
  • Summative exams with auto-scored questions: results should be auto-submitted
  • After changing a users role > marking page should be available to him if his role allows this
  • Dashboard > graph with schedules: buttons Next/Previous stop working when user is moderator for some exams
  • Moderator should not see completed exam with no results if he does not have to moderate it
  • Dashboard > Widget Not marked should redirect on To be assessed tab
  • Marking > Highest score widget shows incorrect info
  • Marking > Grades > by score has incorrect from / to values when percentage is changed in Admin
  • Marking > Grades: From and To score cannot be the same
  • Marking > To be assessed and Completed: back link should lead to correct (respective) pages, not the Coordinator tab
  • When user changes settings of a Schedule he should not briefly see settings from previous Schedule.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can send us your thoughts and comments at

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The Cirrus Assessment Team

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