Product Update | 2016-11-02 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  2016-11-02 | Cirrus Assessment

  • Assessments: "preview as Candidate" option added!
  • Marking: auto-submit on results of assessments with only auto-scored items. For those who do not feel the need to use an assessor and make the results directly available under reporting.
  • Marking workflow: all types of assessment will use the same workflow [important] 
  • Reporting: you will now able to view all results listed by candidate submission.
  • Sections: introducing "Timed Sections" with their own countdown for hand-in by candidates.


  • The Add/Edit section modal window will become a separate, full page
  • The modal window when you search for an Assessment to Schedule will also be converted into a larger, full page.
  • Small changes and bug fixes

Assessments: "preview as Candidate"

When working on assessments the preview has now been extended: you can now preview any assessment without having to schedule it:

Marking workflow: all types of assessment will use the same workflow [important] 

We have removed the difference between marking formative / mixed and summative assessments. This means all assessments will use the same updated marking workflow and any scheduled assessment will need assesor(s) assigned by a Marking Coordinator. We will continue to improve our workflow and are looking to simplify the process for formative assessments. Feel free to contact with enquiries and suggestions.

Reports: results listed by candidate submission

You will now able to view all results listed by candidate submission as soon as published. More improvements to come later!

Auto-publishing of summative auto-scored exams

If you create a summative assessment with automatically scored items only you can now select to auto-publish the results directly. What does this mean? No marking coordination or assessors will be needed results are directly published which means people with access can directly see it under reports!

Timed Sections

Timed sections allow assessment authors to create sections consisting of a stimulus pane on the left and a subsets of related questions on the right that need to be answered within a given time frame by the candidate, for example 30 minutes. The timer for this starts as soon as the candidates opens one of the questions in the section. Read more about using Timed Sections.

UI improvement when marking Essay questions

We've also made some improvements to the essay marking page. Now the question is shown on the same page as the candidate response. We've moved the marking scheme to the right and it is now possible to view the marking scheme next to the candidate response.

Small changes / fixes / know issues

  • Marking> Completed tab: If a schedule doesn't have terms > shown check box without title of term in the filter [fixed]
  • Assessment: some assessments are missing Feedback option [fixed]
  • Admin > Users: Last login column is not updated [fixed]
  • [Mac] SEB on macOS: Word count and answer options disappear behind footer [fixed]
  • Server error when saving copied/imported items with the same external id [fixed]
  • [IE] Component: large drop-down with Hierarchy: not possible to scroll [fixed]
  • Integration: When sync supplies new password I want the password to be updated.
  • Integration: External ID field visible in Scheduling and Assessments without this option being turned on for the environment [fixed]
  • Integration: sometimes logging in with the supplied password does not work [fixed]
  • Integration:IMS LIS email and phone number are passed but not received [fixed]
  • Integration: External API - it is possible to schedule not published assessment [fixed]
  • Integration: I cannot sync a user if the source Id exists, but the person record does not. [fixed]

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