Product Update | 2016-10-13 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  2016-10-13 | Cirrus Assessment

New Features and changes

Admin overviews on Collections, Assessments and Schedules (NEW!)
Via Admin > Content management admins can now see lists of all Collections, Assessments and now also Schedules.
This is the first step: we will expand the information that can be seen here, for example by showing who is the scheduler.

Assessment overview now list only active by default.
If you went to Assessments before, it would list both Active and Archived Assessment in one list. Now you will only active assessment - the ones you can schedule if they are published - in the list.
Click Archive to see your archived assessments:


  • Delivery: we’ve removed the blue widgets from candidate start screen which 
  • Delivery: We’ve move the time remaining to the top header so it stays visible at all times

  • Scheduling: Add candidates to schedule dialog: list hierarchies alphabetically
  • Scheduling: setting the Term is no longer mandatory when creating a schedule. (Check out our new improved Reports, where you can use date ranges.

  • Scheduling: right-hand panel is now slidable, creating extra space
  • Assessments /Scheduling: right-hand panel is now slidable, creating extra space
  • Marking: widgets in Marking have been moved the slidable right panel

  • Assessment Information and Options layout change: less scrolling on higher resolution screen
  • Assessments: Order Learning Objects in alphanumeric order when creating blue print assessment
  • Invigilation: Invigilators can now print a list with login credentials

  • Admin - hierarchies: the adding/editing hierarchy modal window is now turned into a separate page
  • Admin - hierarchies: Organisations are now called Root level
  • Admin: We’ve improved the qualifications overview
  • Integration: SAML can now be configured as a ServiceProvider

  • Collections: Collection prefix are now auto-generated, you can still customise them.
  • Collections - Excel Import: various improvements to the Excel template file for importing questions

Fixes / know issues

  • Add assessment & schedule dialogs don't work in Mac/Safari [fixed]
  • Admin > Integrations: integrations are not loaded [fixed]
  • Marking - auto-submit - candidates who did not start their exam are not submitted if assessors are not assigned on the end of exam [fixed]
  • Dashboard: Incorrect links on Dashboard for marking notifications [fixed]
  • Login field: Password is shown sometimes [fixed]
  • Delivery: [Safari] Time from Delivery is not running down if window is idle [fixed]
  • Admin > Users > Add hierarchy. Dialog size depends on length of the drop-down [fixed]
  • Reports > Candidate results: Impossible to export more than 57 results at once[fixed]
  • Maths question - Preview Sowiso question: score is always 0 for Math question [fixed]
  • Numerical question - you can now set the decimal delimiter. Other delimiters will be ignored: candidates simply cannot enter them when answering.

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