Product Update | 2016-11-10 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  2016-11-10 | Cirrus Assessment

Scheduling: you can now search on name and username and email address

When adding candidates to your schedule or booking in Cirrus you already had the option to search for a group in the hierarchy. We've now added the possibility to search for candidates in scheduling on name and username or email address:

Auto-publishing: now also available for random random blueprint assessments

Last week we introduced a new way to auto-publish assessments with closed questions only. Starting yesterday this now will also be available for random blueprint assessment. The author can create his blueprint and filter out open questions that would require manual marking.

After this has been done,  upon publishing the option will be presented to skip marking. Auto-published assessments will need no marker and thus not show up under Marking. They will become available in the 'Reports'-section.

Reports: Candidate Results report improved to show details

Under Reports > Candidates Results > Candidates you can view and export the basic information like total score, grade and passed / failed for sets of candidates. We've now added a link to show more detailed information per candidate. Read all about this report.

(Timed) Sections: fixated title and timer to always show at top of page

We've fixated the header of Sections and the header and timer for Timed sections so it will always stay visible on top of the page, even when candidates scroll down.

Small changes / fixes / know issues

  • SEB on macOS - Sections: bottom part of the section is not visible [fixed]
  • Timed Sections: changed message when section timer expires from  "Time remaining for the section:0 sec" to "Time's out for this section".
  • Admin > Regional Settings: changed date format to month/day/year for US regional settings.
  • Integration: it is now possible to add labels to users via the IMS LIS usermanagement. When adding candidates to a schedule you can search on these labels.

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