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Cirrus Assessment Support Team -

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Cirrus plans to release a new version of the Cirrus platform on 23 March, 07:00AM CET. Due to data-migration, there will be a downtime of 30 minutes. 

The highlights of this release are:

  • Schedule candidate review sessions
  • Internet loss fail-safes
  • Anonymous sharing of assessments

Candidate review sessions

With the new candidate review functionality it will be possible to schedule a session when the candidates can view their results. These results can then be viewed on the candidate dashboard for a limited time. 













Internet connection loss

We've built in support for customisable rules in case of Internet connection loss. This way you can define what should happen if the candidate loses the Internet connection. For example that the exam attempt should be automatically paused after 5 seconds of no Internet connection. 



Anonymous sharing

With anonymous sharing it will be possible to generate an assessment link. This way you can share your assessment with candidates without them having to log in to start the assessment.



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