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Marking > Candidate Review: sessions to access marked work according to your settings

Introduction: the power and usage of Candidate Review Sessions

Many organisations want to offer their candidates the opportunity to review their marked assessments. Quite often this is even a required step in the assessment process.  In Cirrus this is as easy as scheduling an assessment: 

Just schedule a Candidate Review session: you decide when and what information the candidate will have access to for reviewing purposes.

  • Set date and time for reviewing an assessment.
  • Enable access to the questions and the answers given by the candidate but also determine what other kind of information is visible upon review:
    • Temporarily or permanently make Marker's conclusions and even annotations available to your candidates.
    • Decide if you show them feedback on questions (when available)
  • The candidates easily sees planned sessions and gets access via their Candidate Dashboard: Completed-tab.
  • Review sessions can be secured using PIN or a lockdown browser! Convenient if you don't want the candidates to copy the questions and post them online.

Setting up a Candidate Review Session

Setting up a Candidate Review session is just as easy as scheduling any assessment. It is done under Marking via the Candidate Review tab

  • Go to Marking > Candidate Review-tab to see all candidate Review schedules or create a new review schedule


  • Click on the 'Schedule review' button to create a new schedule
  • Click on the Assessment you want to create a Candidate Review schedule for - you will be able to see information about the assessments, like the introduction page, which learning objectives are connected to the assessment and who created it:


Important notice for setting up review sessions:

  • For timed review session make sure no candidate leaves the room before the deadline!
  • You have access to the assessments that belong your username's clusters/hierarchies
  • You can create review sessions for results that have been published - even if the assessment schedule is still ongoing
  • If candidates have several attempts a review session can only be created when all attempts are used or when the assessment's schedule time has finished.
  • Review sessions are single instances if not set to show permanently (review period = permanently - see below):  so for one attempt you can create one review session and if the candidate has 'used' this (=viewed the results) you cannot schedule another review session for that attempt.
  • Review sessions are different from assessment delivery in the following ways:
    • They are based on for example the Detailed reports from Cirrus + allow the candidate to access markers comments for example (if enabled).
    • The following limitations apply: they currently only show section information on Essay questions. Marking schemes, resource files or large images are not accessible for candidates.

Adding Candidates to your Review Session

  • Click on 'Add Candidates' first to select the Candidates you want to schedule the Review Session for:


  • When you click on the search (the magnifying icon) you will get a list of all candidates that sat this assessment and who's results have been published. Hence the comment: "Cannot find the candidates you are looking for? Try to publish their results on the results tab."
  • You select not only a candidate but also can see the schedule title and the date the candidate sat the assessment. This way you can choose a review session for the correct candidate and exam. So you select the candidate in combination with the schedule for which to plan the review session.
  • Check the box in front of a candidate/ schedule listed to and click on 'Add' to add them to the review session.
  • Use the advanced search - click in the filter icon next to the search box -to narrow down on Hierarchy or last sat date for example
  • Click 'Done' and 'Close' once you've checked all users.
  • If you want to delete user from active review session who has not viewed results you don't need to deactivate session but can immediately use the 'Remove' button.

Setting the Options on a Candidate Review Session

When you have selected the correct assessment and candidates for your review session, you can set the options to determine when the results are available for review and what will be shown exactly. You can also secure the review session with a PIN code and a lockdown browser (like Safe Exam Browser) to prevent unauthorised access or copying questions questions.

  • Go to the 'Options'-tab to set the options for the this Review Schedule:


On the Review Session's Options tab you can use the following:

  • Review Period - this determines when and how long the candidates has access to review their results:
    • Always - if you select this the review session will be permanently listed in the Completed Assessments table on the Candidate Dashboard.
    • Set time span - this allows you to determine a start and end date for the review session. If you select this the review session will be listed in the Planned Review Session table at the top of the Completed Candidate Dashboard.
  • Candidate Experience gives you control over how the questions and answers are shown exactly. This is similar like the options to what the candidate can be shown right after the exam. See 'Feedback for your candidates after submission of the assessment'.
  • Feedback - this determines the level of feedback for the candidate:
    • Show feedback -
    • Show annotations - Another functionality worth of note is that you are able to show marker annotations to candidates. This means that there is the possibility to view the complete essay questions overall conclusion by the Marker, but also include annotations from the markers.
  • Security - Review sessions can be secured using PIN or a lockdown browser. Convenient if you don't want the candidates to copy the questions and post them online.

Giving a user access to Candidate Review session scheduling

Access to the Schedule Review tab is granted via a user's Role. To enable this go to Admin > Roles > Site (tab) > tick the box for 'View Candidates review tab'.

You have access to the assessments that belong your username's clusters/hierarchies

Candidate view for a Review Session

The candidate logs in to his/her dashboard and opens the Completed section - via the dropdown on the right.

On this completed screen they can see planned sessions separately from results that are available permanently:



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