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Admin: Content Management

Access to content in Cirrus is severely restricted as this is your most precious commodity. To be able to see or work on questions collections and assessments it needs to be actively shared with you. (And you need to have the correct Role and profile settings (hierarchy memberships) to do this). In other words: access is guarded by the original owner(s) from within your organisation. This is even the case for your (system) administrators.

Via Admin > Content Management admins can now see lists of all Collections, Assessments and Schedules in your environment. It offers administrators insights into what content is available, who owns it and other relevant information. Some basic actions for (un)archiving Collections and Assessments are also available.

Admin > Content Management: Collections

The Content Management: Collections tab shows an overview of all collections in your environment listed by Title, No. of questions, Author (original creator / owner) and his/her Username, Available to (Personal or Shared) and the collection's Status (Active or Archived).

Administrators have the power to (un)archive collections from this screen.

Admin > Content Management: Assessments

The [Content Management: Assessments tab] shows an overview of all assessments in your environment. They are listed by Title, Assessment Code, Author (original creator / owner) and his/her Username, Qualifications (which determines who can schedule the assessment. It also shows the Assessment's Status (Draft or Live) and wether it has been Published.

Administrators have the power to (un)archive collections from this screen.

Admin > Content Management: Schedules

The [Content Management: Schedules tab] shows an overview of all schedules in your environment.


  • It lists properties like Title, Code, Start en End (date/time) that you can sort on. It also shows associated Hierarchies (relevant for who can mark / see results) and the Type (Summative, Formative or Mixed) and Status (Activated / Draft).
  • It contains an advanced search box to search on schedule title, assessment title, hierarchy or last sat date
  • Using the search box you can also search on schedules for specific users (using their username or userID). This will return a list of all schedules that this user is added to as a candidate.
  • Upon mouse-over more detailed information will show on exact Assessment title, Scheduler, Marking Workflow, Candidate Feedback setting/ Show candidate results setting, Score Report usage, Qualification and Feedback setting of the scheduled assessment.


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