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Author: using Labels in Cirrus to help organise your content

In several places Cirrus offers different types of 'Labels' to add metadata to your content and organise it.

Label Types: there are two types of labels for Items:

  • Collection Item versus Environment Wide Item Labels - these are managed centrally by admins.
    • Collection Item Labels - aka personal labels - these are managed by authors within the same collection.
    • Environment Wide ltem Labels - these are managed centrally by admins

User Labels - these are managed centrally by admins and are specifically used on user profiles only (for scheduling purposes).

Label usage: Labels can be used for example for the following:

Searching for labels in general

Using search boxes you can now search for labels using standard parameters like AND, OR and NOT. Examples:

  • Search for an item that has both labels: Label:A AND Label:B
  • Search for all items that do not have a certain label: NOT labels:B

Using labels for item management in your Library

Manually connected Labels are grey in Cirrus and Authors can add these labels from the Item overview screen when they open a collection:


  • Labels used in collections can be added via Admin > Labels by people who are authorised to do this. (This is set under Admin > Roles > Site > Labels.
  • These labels become available for all users in your environment and are grey - see screenshot above.
  • Authors can add these labels from the Item overview screen when they open a collection:
  • Check the box in from of the items and click on the 'Labels' button: a dropdown will appear.
  • Labels need to be created before importing Items into your collection. See 'The Library: Importing Items into your Collections'.

Using labels in combination with Learning Objectives

You can also connect Labels on on Items to Learning Objectives in Cirrus. Once connected an Item with a certain Learning Objective will automatically receive the appropriate label. You can use this for filtering in your Library or when selecting questions for your Assessment.

  • Go to: Admin > Labels > Edit > Add Learning Objectives
  • Labels connected to Learning objectives are blue.
  • Please note: if you remove the link between a "LabelA" and "Learning Objective X" all LabelsA will automatically be removed from all items with Learning Objective X.
  • Labels manually assigned to question(s) can't be connected to Learning Objectives. You will get a message *This label was manually assigned to question(s). You can't connect it to learning objectives.

Using labels when selecting questions for your Assessment

You can use labels on Items to filter out questions for your Assessment. See our article on Manually selecting questions to use in your Assessment.

Using labels for user management / scheduling

Labels can also be added to individual users. (These are different from Item labels):


  • Go to  Admin > Users  and open the user profile. On the General tab of the user you can add a user-label by clicking on "Empty"
  • Start typing the label-name. A list of suggestions will appear.
  • Select an existing label or click on "New Label".

Using user-labels when scheduling

Simply type in the user-label you want to search on in the search-box when adding users to a Schedule.

Collection versus Environment Wide Item Labels

To label items in Cirrus you can setup two types of labels:

  1. Collection Labels - also known as personal labels are managed by Authors within the same collection. This means that you do not need an Admin to manage them and keep an eye on consistency. They are used on items (questions) in various ways. Personal created labels can only be used in the collection you created it in. If you share your collection with other users, they will be able to use these labels as well within that collection.
  2. Environment wide Labels are managed centrally by admins and can be used by Authors for item management in your Library and when building an assessment when selecting questions for your Assessment.

Example screenshot of an item with both types of label attached:



How to set labels on an item

  • Open your collection from the the collection overview page in the Library
  • Check the box(es) in front of the items listed
  • Click on the labels button in the Add, Delete, Labels, Action menu
  • Click on labels and a list of all existing labels will appear
  • Simply start typing the name of your label to see if exists and select it.
  • If you type in a search word and that label doesn’t exist, the list of available labels should disappear and be replaced with <search entry> Create new. Selecting this will create a new label.
  • Once you have clicked on Create new, this label will be attached to the selected items.
  • Labels are color coded: personal (collection) labels are green, central (environment wide) labels are grey
  • In the add label dropdown you can distinguish between collection labels and environment labels (setup by your admins)
    • collection item labels have a cross to delete them - this will immediately and irrevocable delete the label!
    • environment wide labels cannot be removed by the author - there is no delete cross showing



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