Product Update |  2018-06-01 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  2018-06-01 | Cirrus Assessment

Announcing a low impact release, fully packed with nice improvements and important fixes.

The release is planned for Friday June 1st at 7am CET (check your local time here). There will be approximately 60 minutes of possible service interruption due to migrations involved. 

Authors: changes when working on Items and Creating Assessments

Two relatively small but very visible changes will be included in this release for authors:

Feedback on Item fields:

When working on an item the Feedback on questions field will be hidden by default - this means less scrolling for 90% of our authors. You can still easily add feedback using the Options button when editing an Item:


New screen when creating an Assessment

When an author creates an new assessment, the look and feel of the screen has changed. Also: you now will need to enter a Title and code before you can proceed:


This change is a prelude to cool new functionality in the works!

Important extension to our API's coming up [Improved!]

Working together with some of our higher education customer we are extending our API's. In this release we will focus on extending the option for schedules to include for example updating a schedule's date and time or to more easily add or remove candidates from existing schedules. 

Please note that we are currently testing these functionalities. Updated documentation and the ability to test this on your beta environment by the appropriate  people is expected to be available in one week. For more information do not hesitate to contact us!

A new way to add Grade Scales and the PassMark for your Assessment forms [Improved]

Our team is working very hard on a mayor change in the way authors can use Assessment Scales in their assessments in combination with our rounding rules. These changes aim to reduce the chance of human error, provide clearer insight into the scale's relation to the actual form and it's questions / score in points:


We aim to release this one to two weeks after this release. Keep an eye out for our update and don't hesitate if you want a preview or webinar. 

Other changes / fixes / known issues

  • [Library > Collection > Sowiso] Fix error upon changing question text of item in use
  • [Library > Collections] Question should not close on save
  • [Library > Collection > Items] By default option Dichotomous should be set
  • [Library > Collection] Questions are not shown because of key was not present in the dictionary error
  • [Library > Edit Item] Styles of table copied from word editor should not be changed by ckeditor
  • [Assessment preview] Preview should not only be available to creator of assessment
  • [Assessment > Anonymous sharing] Use environment language default for delivery
  • [Assessment] Fixed incorrect number of questions shown
  • [Assessments / Delivering] Archived Assessments/Schedules have been made easily recognisable
  • [SOWISO] Fix scoring issue for SOWISO questions
  • [SOWISO] For Solutions > Evaluation type = eval numeric it should be possible to set text in fields Range Low, Precision and Range High
  • [Reports > Candidates results > Candidates tab] Show information on mouse over
  • [Admin > Content management > Schedules] move qualification to mouseover, move start date/time to table
  • [Search by Hierarchy] Add candidates/Invigilators > If group is define as organization do not show users from other groups
  • [General] Fix occurrence of skin loading failed with timeout

A full list of all improvements and fixes will be added closer to the release.

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Best Regards,

The Cirrus Assessment Team


[1] Regarding our release announcements: 

Please note that items listed in an announcement for a release can be subject to change. We are working very hard to get all this great stuff out to you. However, each item goes through our rigorous manual and automated testing and needs to get a final 'green light' to be included. Our announcements serve to give you a heads up. Upon request we also offer the opportunity for you to do your own pre-testing for high-impact releases. 

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