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On Friday June 8, at 07:00AM CET Cirrus will perform an update to it's assessment platform. This is a high impact release. 

Admins will need to check all Assessment Scales as soon as possible after this release

  • With this release we will change the way Assessment Scales are setup: they will have the pass mark percentage included.
  • Since currently there is no formal relationship between the two, an admin will need to check which percentage is the pass mark.
  • This is relatively easy but needs to be done manually. It is crucial to prevent confusion / mistakes by authors:
  • How? Go to Admin > Assessment scales, open them and check the right box.

Previewing / testing this change

We highly encourage you to preview and test this new functionality on cirrusbeta starting May 31 2018.

  • Authors will set the Assessment Scale and Pass Mark at a different place. These will be moved to assessment form level.
  • Authors will have improved insight into the scale and pass mark used.

What will change?

See our updated documentation:

Other changes / fixes / known issues

  • [Delivery > Essay] Increase font size used in Editor
  • [Sowiso] Question text after exam does not match question text at the exam
  • Known issue: [Delivery > Essay ] After Restore answer > font size changed

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The Cirrus Assessment Team


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    Cirrus Assessment Support Team

    Hi All,

    We just updated the information on the release planned for June 8th with important paragraphs on:

    Admins will need to check all Assessment Scales as soon as possible after this release on June 8th
    Previewing / testing this change can be done starting tomorrow May 31st
    Links to more information / updated documentation take a look at the updated information

    Feedback or questions are welcome!

    Kind regards, the Cirrus Assessment Team

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