Product Update | August 17 2018 | Cirrus Assessment

Cirrus Assessment Support Team -

Cirrus will release a new version of the platform on August 17, at 07:00am CET. The expected downtime for the release will be approximately 15 minutes. 

The release will contain the following changes and improvements:

Improved sections: including friendly items

Sections is a functionality that is used a lot in Cirrus. We have gathered your feedback and improved the way you work with sections. It will now be possible to add questions directly to section pages in collections. These questions will automatically be grouped when creating the test forms. Questions belonging to a section cannot be used individually. This is called "friendly items". Read more in "Assessments: Using Sections in Cirrus -selecting the questions that go into your section"



Reports: improved filtering on candidate results and more

We have added fields to filter out results for specific assessment titles and even versions of that assessment. See "Reports in Cirrus: viewing and exporting candidate results". 


Also [Reports > Candidate results > Export] we've added the schedule title to the exports

Coming soon...

While most of us is taking a well-deserved rest, the Cirrus team is working hard to bring you an ever improving experience. Look for the following improvements in the coming months:

  • Showing sections in reports and essay marking
  • Various SOWISO (mathematical) question type improvements
  • Adding resources to items (PDF files)
  • Item-level marking






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