Setting up single sign-on using SAML 2.0

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Setting up single sign-on using SAML 2.0

Cirrus supports single sign-on (SSO) login through SAML 2.0.


  • SAML 2.0 capable identity provider.

Step 1. Setup service provider

Setting up SAML 2.0 can be via Admin > SAML Integration (listed under Web Services):


  1. Check the option 'Enable SAML2 Authentication' - all further options will be unlocked for editing.
  2. SAML SP metadata URL will produce xml document if integration settings are correct.
  3. SAML Identity Provider name - enter the name that will be used on the login screen of your environment:

  4. Enter the Login attribute name - this attribute from your side will be used for identifying users on the Cirrus side.
  5. Login Attribute type - currently users can be identified using their external id or username. Both of these fields are unique in Cirrus. Select the appropriate value for your setup. 
  6. Metadata upload - Choose a way to import your identity provider metadata. Metadata can be imported using metadata url or a metadata xml file. 

Step 2. Setup your identity provider

There are a lot of different identity provider solutions available on the market. The integration settings can be different for each solution. Common steps are:

  1. Import service provider metadata provided by Cirrus.
  2. Add attribute to be sent with the same name as you defined in the previous step - the attribute name is case-sensitive.


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