Product Update | September 20 - 2019 | Cirrus Assessment

Cirrus Assessment Support Team -

Announcing a high impact release for Friday September 20th - 2019 at 06:00am Central European Time, (check your local time here).

We expect 45 minutes downtime while performing the release. This release is already available on Cirrusbeta.

The release will contain the following improvements:

  • Improved results screen
  • Sharing annotations between assessors (improved)
  • Adding introduction text to sections and toggle the introduction page on/off
  • Dashboard > Show notification if someone has logged in as you
  • Support for debugging in the programming question type

Please note that releases can be subject to changes if features doesn't pass our quality assurance. 

NB! All improvements we are making to sections will only be applied to sections created in collections. In time we will discontinue to the creation of sections within a form. We therefore recommend all our users to move to creating sections in collections. We will continue to add improvements to sections. 

For more information on using sections in Cirrus, please see: 

Improved Results screen

We've improved the results screen to make it more response and also to support future features like showing feedback to candidates after completing the assessment (coming later this year).

In the results screen you will also be able to view which questions belongs to a section. 



Sharing annotations

Now it will be possible to share annotations between assessors even if they are not connected as a pair in Marking. This ways assessors can monitor the progress of their colleagues. 




Introduction text to sections

Earlier this year we added the possibility to have an introduction page for the section. Now you can turn this introduction page off, or you can add an introduction to the page that will introduce your candidates to the section that is about to start.


Programming question type

We are introducing an improvement to the programming question type which allows the candidates to debug the code they have written. 

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    Cirrus Assessment Support Team

    Due to some of the feature doesn't passing our quality assurance, the release on the 20th of September will not contain the following improvements:
    - Item usage statistics
    - Sharing of collections and assessment by the admin
    - Horizontal navigation

    We are aiming to include these in the release after.

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