Product Update |  2018-10-31 | Cirrus Assessment

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Product Update |  2018-10-31 | Cirrus Assessment

Announcing a medium impact release packed with important changes in Scheduling and the retirement of 'Qualifications'.

The release is planned for Wednesday October 31st at 07:00am CET, (check your local time here).
Approximately 30 minutes of possible service interruptions due to migrations involved.
Planned testing of this release is one week prior on cirrusbeta.

[Change] Qualifications will become Clusters!

With this release we are introducing an important change:

An impression 'Available for scheduling' which will use clusters or hierarchies to determine who can schedule the assessment:


Background of this change: we noticed that our customers have a lot of different interpretations of the word 'qualification' and found usage of the term in Cirrus sometimes confusing or not matching their own. This is why we decided to switch to the use of the more generic 'cluster'.

[Improved] Assessments: showing exactly  who can schedule them

After this release you will be able to see exactly who can schedule your assessment by simply clicking a link. The 'Who can schedule' link on the Information Tab will open a list:


[Improved] Scheduling: better information on which Assessment you are scheduling exactly

With this release your schedulers will be able to see more relevant information on the assessment they are planning to be taken by your candidates. Information shown to schedulers will include:

  • The welcome page.
  • Learning Objectives, Assessment Type (Formative or Summative) and maximum score and number of questions.


Other changes / fixes / known issues

  • [Cirrus API] Scheduling improvement - check our API documentation for changes
  • [Candidate Delivery / General UI] Decrease height of dropdown and input fields
  • [Authoring] Opening assessment preview from overview page > next pages won't open - Fixed
  • Fix caching issue with schedules need multiple tries to save
  • [External API] Schedule created via API should not be generated as Draft if schedule duration is less than attempt duration
  • [Assessment] Anonymous sharing should be available even if assessment is not published
  • Please check back closer to the release!

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