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Admin: Roles for a large part determine what a user can do Cirrus

Item authoring roles and workflow

The item authoring in Cirrus is fully web-based. Workflows for quality assurance can be set up to facilitate the desired way of working. For example, a Collection (bank containing items) can be shared with co-workers and they can be given different permissions within that collection.

A typical workflow looks like this (but can indeed be adjusted to need):

  1. The owner of the collection creates a new collection
  2. The owner shares the collection with a co-worker and gives that person the Reviewer role
  3. The owner creates an item and changes the status from Draft to Ready for review
  4. The Reviewer is notified on their Dashboard that an item needs reviewing and checks the items and comments on it
  5. The owner checks the comments from the reviewer and changes the status to either Approved or Not approved

Revisions can be compared with each other and authors/reviewers can comment on revisions. This helps tracking how the item develops in time or in doing a roll back.

The permissions of a role can be set up by the admin. Below is an overview of what the default collection roles look like:


Assessment authoring roles

As with collections, roles can also be set up for assessment authoring. This works in the exact same way as collection roles and are used to organise the workflow of assessment creation and quality assurance of these.

Site roles setup users for those specific parts of Cirrus relevant to their tasks

Site roles are used to define permissions on your environment level. Cirrus provides a set of default roles, like Admin, Author and Candidate, but these can be expanded depending on the complexity of the organisation. For example you could create specific Marker role or Invigilator role. Users with these roles will only have access to specific parts of the Cirrus platform needed to perform their tasks.

Roles are set up by the admin of the site and have a very high level of customisation:



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